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Does anyone else think that it is more difficult for LGBT people to date? And that there are more strains in relationships than in heterosexual relationships generally?

It's definitely more difficult at least for them to ask someone out. It can be very difficult to tell whether a person is straight, gay, or bi. Also, with the actions of some people who are homophobic, it could actually be a danger to the person to ask a straight person out, thinking he or she is gay. I actually have experience of the opposite nature, asking a girl out and thus finding out she's a lesbian. Yes, that did happen to me once. Also, with people who are transgender, they would have to tell the person early on that they are transgender and what they are in regards to whether they have had extensive surgery to make them as male/female as possible, or whether or not they plan to have it done. That way, if the person they're with doesn't accept them, they don't get hurt as bad, or if they do accept them, they know they've found someone good.

As far as strains, I would think a homosexual relationship has the same strains as a heterosexual relationship. Things like money, stress, family, and everything else you can think would come into play in both a homosexual and heterosexual relationship. The only other thing I can think of with a homosexual relationship is people seeing their public displays of affection (holding hands, kissing, etc.) and not being accepting of it.