Thread: Development: The 4th gen class split in 3rd gen
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    I've found a DPSS patch for Japanese Emerald
    After patching it to a Japanese Emerald, I've found the following:

    The left one is the patched one and the right one is the original one.
    It shows a few lines only...

    For the first line, we can locate "00 06 00 28 07 D1 6E 20 41 46 41 43 08" at around 0x03D060 in an English Emerald.
    I think it's possible to change the "6E" to "64", and then modify the rest using the same method....

    Actually I don't know if that works, but a Chinese hacker has successfully implanted DPSS into an English Emerald. It may be a possible way to implant DPSS into an English Emerald, though it's quite troublesome...

    Here I've attached the DPSS patch for Japanese Emerald. Hope that it can help.
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