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First off, I really wanted a original Emerald team that was also effective. I know for a fact that it is effective, but PLEASE let me know if you think it's original.

1: Blaziken (Chiky) female Lv 67
-Blaze Kick
-Fire Punch
-Sky Uppercut
This was named after my first pokemon from Sapphire, when I was five. The original is in Black now, nine years later.

2: Ludicolo (Pineapples) male Lv 67
-Ice Beam
-Giga Drain
-Water Pulse
It looks like a pineapple. Thats all there is to say about it

3: Tropius (FruitPunch) male Lv 67
-Aerial Ace
-Sunny Day
Solarbeam, synthesis, sunny day, and chlorophyll. Pretty unintentionally epic.

4: Sandslash (The Hacker) female Lv 67
-Brick Break
The name fits, those claws are pretty huge.

5: Swalot (Tar Pit) male Lv 67
-Sludge Bomb
-Shadow Ball
Really, who uses a SWALOT? Sadly, not many. Its very underrated. This thing Toxic-Stalled Wallace's Double team spamming Ludicolo.

Swellow (TEN FOUR) female Lv 67
-Steel Wing
-Aerial Ace
Concerning the name, my crazy History teacher had a turtle named TEN FOUR (yes, all caps) that tried to kill people by poking them with his nose. He is now immortalized as a swellow. RIP TEN FOUR (turtle)
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