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    Originally Posted by OokamiReki View Post
    Also, here is an interesting question for the club:
    Let's say you live in a Pokemon world, and you had a Lucario or Riolu (or both) with you, and you happened to come across an advertisement for the Pokemon contest. (like the ones in D/P/PT where you decorate your Pokemon with accessories and outfits, then have them dance, then show off moves to the judges) The prize is not stated, but the winner of the contest is awarded with something extraordinary. Would you join? If so, then why would you join? Would ask friends to also sign up? Who would you have join the contest between Lucario and Riolu? Explain.
    Well...Pokemon contests. I've never took part in one of them. I'm actually quite interested in the ones in the anime, but I know nothing about those in the games, and as they aren't part of the main storyline, I haven't tried them out. Weeks ago I was interested to try joining one but haven't done so
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