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Originally Posted by xelarator View Post
Ok, then do you think this is a good description of someone?

" A young, fourteen year old boy about 5'5 that wears a dark green shirt, leather jeans, a red scarf, and a large blue beanie..."
If you really want to devote a couple sentences to describing a character it could look similar to this:

A young boy stood in the forest. His shirt blended in to his surroundings like camouflage. Unfortunately his blue beanie, and red scarf stood out like a sore thumb. The boy who stood at a medium height was waiting for his friend.
Something like that COULD work, but I think what the others said it the best way to write. You shouldn't really focus too much on what he looks like. You want to readers mind to flourish with their own creative ideas while reading instead of being directed too much.

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