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Dear Anonymous,

My life has been pretty good so far and it's lasted for about a month and a half now. So please, don't let me see your face ever again, or let him see you too. Or else I'll have to watch my world crumbling into nothingness once again. It's taken months to get to where everything is now, and I don't plan on (or at least I hope so) seeing you in my life again. You do what you need to do, but just so you know, they don't care about you anymore. So if you are planning to do any legal action, I hope you're smart enough to know that our lives are much happier without you, they're happier without you. And seeing the smiles on their face is all I ever wanted. Although they are missing that void in their life, I don't think it matters to them, because they have people who care more about them then you ever did. So don't give me that bullcrap of you saw their pictures and how happy they are, and that you miss them. No, just because you see they're happier, doesn't mean you can interfer with their lives thinking everything is okay. You didn't want them, and you destroyed the life of someone extremely close to me, and I had to watch him, as he suffered and fell deep into depression. I had to help him through the process of fixing his life up, even at times I thought to myself, I was sick of this, because he wasn't helping himself. But I never gave up on helping him and finally.. Finally, we're at the high point. This will be the first christmas without you, in about 10 years. I haven't heard anyone say they miss you, and I don't think anyone ever will.

Sincerely, Malyka.
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