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Pokémon Vicious Red
Yep! it's a classic.


Pokemon Vicious Red is basically an upgrade from the original Red version which has slight alterations primarily to the difficulty aspect of the game meaning increasing the levels of Gyms, Trainers etc. The main essentials that make up the game itself.
When I was made aware of how to edit trainers in Generation one I jumped at the idea and got to work on this project right away.
Not only does it focus on the diffuculty but also the Wild Pokémon having being able to capture ALL 151 Pokémon ~ to an extent
I guarantee this is a hack that you wont want to miss out on, the difficulty of this game is phenomenal and like no other, I recommend you give it a try as a challenge!

Hack Details

Hack of: Pokémon Red
Hack Name:
Pokémon Vicious Red
Date Created: Friday, 25th November 2011 (23:04 GMT)
Patcher to use: Lunar Ips

  • Trainers changed
  • Gym Leaders teams edited
  • Elite Fours team edited
  • Rivals team edited
  • ALL 151 Pokémon catchable ~ to an extend
  • Whole game difficulty intensified


Obviously some trainers may be left unedited, this is common and expected and once I familiarise myself with Hex editing I will correct all this. Notable trainers are Giovanni and several Gym Trainers.



Beta #1
↓ See below for download, all upto the Champion edited, Pokémon, trainers etc. ~ Some need tweaking and fixing however so be aware ↓
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