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I did read the rules xD I just forgot that. Little. Part. poliwhuuuuuuurl. eh, Poliwhirl.

Name: Simon Silvester

Gender: Male

Age: Sixteen

History: Simon was born in Olivine, in a family with two office workers for parents and an older sister who dreamed bigger. The whole family was set on jobs from the new wave of opportunities that had quelled pokémon training. Simon's sister, Cecil, grew up wanting to become a manager at some big company and their parents were proud of her but didn't have much time to show it as they were home quite little. Therefore Cecil, being 5 years older than Simon, became the one to take care of her little brother more or less reluctantly as he grew up.

The lack of attention from his parents might have been what first triggered his rebellious ways. He always wore his hair bushy, like he'd just gotten out of bed, and he pierced his ear and got a tattoo on his back without telling his parents beforehand. When Cecil tried to set him straight, he wouldn't listen. All Simon would do was make sarcastic remarks. And dream... Cecil knew that he would be a good kid in school if he just made an effort. She had seen him solve mathematical problems or crosswords in magazines with ease, he just didn't show any of that in school. He didn't want people to think he was a dork. Cecil blamed her parents for not taking better care of Simon's skills. She had never had an easy time doing maths or writing. But he could, he just didn't want to.

When he became a teenager, Simon started hanging with bad crowds, but for some reason he was never involved in the really bad stuff. He didn't touch drugs or alcohol and never really did any criminal things, even though his "friends" did. He always managed to avert the attention from him or talk his way out of doing that. Cecil noticed this and confronted him about it. Wasn't he a "real" bad boy? That was one of the few times Simon had broken down in front of his sister. He told her everything about how he felt. He couldn't do those things the people in his gang did, because it was just... stupid. They were stupid.

Cecil realized now that Simon really was more intelligent than the average human. He had just not gotten any opportunity to show it. And if he stayed here, he wouldn't really gain a chance either, having the friends he did... Having heard about the Whirl Cup the other day, Cecil immediately signed her brother up for it. She didn't tell him until she had gotten a response saying that he was in. He was shocked and a bit angry with her for doing something like that. But he soon realized what an opportunity it would be. He had never thought a lot about pokémon since he had rarely met them, but he had seen many movies on TV with pokémon battles and he had played with pokémon toys when he was younger. Cecil convinced him that with his wits, he could make it. If he didn't give up already. He didn't.

Personality: Simon acts like a nonchalant, sarcastic guy that doesn't care about you unless you can make him smile or be useful to him in any way. But that is mostly when there are other people around. Since he told his sister everything about how he'd felt the last few years, it's like some kind of barrier has broken down. When he is alone with someone, he can be more mature and some of his intelligence can shine through his messy appearance. People don't know that he used to be part of a slightly criminal teenage gang in Olivine that surely would take any chance to beat him up if they ran into him now. He has never really agreed on the stuff they were doing; his intelligence simply told him to hang with them to look cool and gain some sense of safety towards other people who might want to judge him differently.

Now, he will realize that this intelligence will prove useful when learning how to train a pokémon. His sister have always felt that he was meant for something more, even though he thought she was crazy to think such things. But perhaps this is it. Perhaps he is meant to become a great pokémon trainer? He is already starting to focus on the competition part. He hasn't yet realized that pokémon aren't merely tools... they can even become great friends. Something he surely would need.

He has never really traveled out of town. However strange that may sound, it wasn't uncommon for kids in his age with parents with similar, underpaid, jobs. They simply didn't have enough time to take their families out on camping tours or travels to other cities. Thus, Simon doesn't know much about what the other cities and the landscape is like. Only what he's learned in school and through magazines and TV.

Appearance: He isn't overly muscular, rather he's pretty thin and light. He has sandy blond hair that is rather fluffy and spiky and in a permanent out-of-bed look since he never bothers to do anything about it. His smile is wide when he chooses to bless someone with it and his skin always seem to have a slight tan. In his left ear, he wears a single silver ring that maybe makes him look a bit strange, but he thinks it's cool. He put it there even before he was a teenager, against his sister's wishes. On his back, he has a tattoo that is a relief of the legendary pokémon Ho-oh. He put it there without telling his parents when he had just become a teenager.

When going on the journey, Simon has decided to wear a red and black headband to look cool. He wears slim, bright jeans and black boots with brown laces. Normally, at home, he wears white sneakers but his sister figures it'll be better to have sturdy boots on the journey, and forced him to wear them. He wears t-shirts in simple colors like black, white or gray, and a dark red jacket on top of that. His bag is a dark grey backpack where he fits a very packable sleeping back, some extra clothes, food, pokéballs, a map and other important items.

Starter Species: Cyndaquil, male
Nickname: Cinder

RP Sample: Simon left the house before dawn. Even before his parents had gone off to work. He had left a note on the kitchen table. A classic. Cecil had said that he had better tell them properly... or else, she would. Simon had shrugged and walked out from the conversation. He was not going to tell them. They would not notice that he was gone anyways.

As the sun tenderly rose, the blonde boy sat on a bench by the sea, watching the light from the east reflect in the slow waves. He ate some breakfast that he had brought, since he did not want to linger at home for longer than necessary. He had, however, stopped at his sister's doorway for a moment, watching her sleep peacefully. He would miss her. But she was the one who had signed him up for this. She had only herself to blame if she started missing him too.

The gang would not find him here this early. They never left bed before noon, unless they really had to go to school for some reason. Simon had been the only one of them that went to school on almost every lesson, even though he often spaced out in the classroom or annoyed others. He wanted to listen, because some part of him was eager to learn things. To fill his brain up with facts and numbers. Pictures. Not that he would ever show on a test that he had actually learned something. That was why he never really did what he was supposed to do in school. That just was not his way.

Not before. But maybe now? He threw away the empty papers, in which he had stuffed a sandwich, and took a sip from his water bottle. Nobody could say he was not well prepared. At least not when it came to equipment. But maybe mentally... of course, he did not know what awaited him, so he would not know how to prepare himself, really.

When the sun was up, people started moving around Olivine. Simon got up as well. He should go find professor Woods. The letter she had sent to Cecil, accepting Simon into the Whirl Cup competition, lay folded in the pocket of his dark red jacket. But he did not need that to know where to go. Everybody who had lived in Olivine City knew where Ginevra Woods' lab was. Just a couple of minutes from the beach on foot.

The great house towered before him. This was where he was going to get a pokémon of his own. Completely free... if he had told his "friends" about this competition, they would surely have signed up themselves, hoping to get a spot just to get a pokémon and then quit the game without even leaving Olivine. Dumb bastards. They did not see what Cecil had seen... for Simon could not help but agree; the Whirl Cup might just be the biggest opportunity that had crossed his path, ever. Taking a deep breath... and then putting on his usual relaxed, somewhat nonchalant smile, he walked up to the entrance to the lab.

(this is a bit shorter than my usual posts in these kinds of RPs, but since he is already in Olivine, I did not really know what to write about except ramblings from his thoughts xD)
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