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(hopes this is all okay :3)

Name: Aldous Wells

Gender: Male

Age: Sixteen

History: As a child, Aldous had quite a nice life. His parents raised him, his older brother, and younger sister in a nice home close to the outskirts of Blackthorn City. His father was a local Pokémon Breeder, and was paid decent money for the Dratini he bred. His wife, Aldous’s mother, did not need a job since her husband was able to provide for them all, and simply volunteered at the Pokémon Center. His brother Avery was three years older than him while his sister Agatha was two years younger. All three of them were taught from a young age about proper Pokémon care from their parents – who were both well-educated – and also picked up a few things on breeding as well. They were a family of five, living a normal life in one of Johto’s most beautiful and ancient cities.

As the region slowly regressed, the family started to fall apart. Not as many people could afford the Pokémon that Aldous’s father sold. His mother had to pick up a job working at the PokéMart, something she detested. Fights between his parents happened more and more often. Avery became distant, and often disappeared for days at a time. This drove his mother mad, and caused her to become extremely overprotective of Aldous and Agatha. It was becoming harder and harder for the family to function. It became too much for Avery. He stole an egg laid by his father’s Dragonite and left for good. The note he left for his family tore them apart, and drove both his parents over the edge.

His father uprooted them and forced everyone to move to Ecruteak. The new house was small, crowded, and didn’t help any of their constantly depressing moods. Aldous was ten and Agatha was eight, and the world around them was getting worse each day. Both of their parents remained jobless, so the only money they had was the leftover savings from Blackthorn. When it began to run out, Aldous’s father sold one of the Dragonite just to be able to get by. With the other, he traded it for a local woman’s Gengar. He began to breed them, which slowly earned the family money, however both Aldous’s parents continued to fight. Neither Aldous nor Agatha could remain at home, so they stole what money they could and left. Agatha was determined to find her other brother, and left Aldous with most of the money, only taking along a spare Gastly egg from her father.

Alone, Aldous wandered around until he heard about the new Whirl Cup. It was then that he decided to go to Olivine and enter, and begin what he hoped would be a better time in his life.

Personality: Being a child that grew up with decent parents in the beginning of his life, Aldous managed to learn basic values and morals that he follows. He knows right from wrong, and understands that it’s not his parents’ fault that their family became ruined – it was because of the failing region that drove them to madness, that made his brother leave and his sister follow a few years later. His mother’s overprotective-ness didn’t allow him to go out and make friends, which is something he has been used to. He doesn’t understand how to act around other people, though he is very friendly towards Pokémon; on his travels alone, they were the only comforts he could sometimes find when he was alone in the middle of the night. Now he hopes to enter the competition and find some way to fit in with everyone else.

Aldous has never felt accepted, which has been a driving force in his life. He never went to any type of Academy and only has the knowledge his parents taught him earlier in life. He’s heard of stories where trainers go from nothing and become some of the best out there. He knows he can do it too, as long as he is given the chance. He is shy, but wants to be able to stand out against others.

Appearance: Ever since he was young, his reddish-brown hair was always pointed out as odd. It stood out against his sister’s gorgeous red mane and his brother’s sandy brown hair. It always bothered Aldous that it was such an odd color, so as a child he would have it cut short; recently, without the chance to get it cut, it has become a little messy and covers his ears. Because it stands out so much already, he tries his best to keep it clean and neat when he goes out in public. Thankfully he’s not pale like his mother or tall like his father. His skin tanned while he pretty much lived in forests around Johto, and he never grew taller than five and a half feet tall, thankfully keeping him average looking for when he does have to traverse through cities and towns.

The total amount of clothes he has amassed after being alone for three years is one maroon t-shirt, a dark blue one, and two pairs of somewhat worn-out jeans. Everything he owns has either been stolen from a store or another person, this way it doesn’t look too old or disgusting. He is always wearing one shirt or the other, and doesn’t try to find anything else – it wouldn’t fit in his small, tan backpack he acquired one late night in Violet City.

Despite his kind of tattered clothes, he is quite good-looking. Living in the wilderness gained him some muscle and toned him enough. His jaw and legs were always the most defined for some reason. He has always seen his eyes as dark and brooding, which fits with his loner personality.

Starter Species: Chikorita
Nickname: Naya

RP Sample: Why did I hate Goldenrod? The people, of course.

So many of them had driven the city to nothing more than boredom. Visiting as a child always brought out excitement inside me from who knows where. The city’s streets were dazzling and felt like streets of – appropriately – gold. Everyone always used to bustle through the city with some kind of fun event ahead. My mother particularly enjoyed the slots while my father was always fascinated by the Radio Tower. Both were such trivial things, but enjoyment nonetheless.

Me? I enjoyed the tunnel that lead from one part of the city to the next. While my brother followed my mother to try their chances at luck (something that I figured would eventually run out in our lives) and my sister sat with my dad at the tower to answer the silly questions they aired, I would find the nearest entrance underground and explore. The nice barbers always gave me free haircuts. I think they thought I was some runaway child.

Either way, it’s true now, and they were still happy that I showed up. Of course, being sixteen instead of a small, awkward child required me to pay for a haircut now. At least they were still friendly and kept the price low for me as long as I didn’t ask them to do much. Once I got more money I’d have to remember to come back and get it properly chopped away.

But now… now Goldenrod had changed to some kind of factory line. All the people woke up early in the morning, dressed in their dull suits and ugly ties, and basically filed through the streets – now dull and thoroughly hideous – to whatever boring jobs they ran. The slots were overtaken by some cheap, frustrating Voltorb game that didn’t provide the same thrill as watching a few slots spin round and round. Don’t get me started on the atrocity that became the Radio Tower.

Despite my strong dislike for the city, it was my own grave I chose. Being on the run and on my own, I had no address for the Whirl Cup officials to send my acceptance/rejection letter. Thinking I would enjoy being back in the city I had so previously enjoyed, I wrote down an address I had memorized when I was younger of a brilliant little house close to the Goldenrod Tunnel’s one entrance. Of course the house was now dilapidated and overrun with the obvious effects the current state of Johto, but either way I had to wait in the alley nearby until the letter arrived so I could take it before the current owner went to get her mail – thankfully, however, it was an old woman that enjoyed her occasional drink, and didn’t wake up to check the mail until hours after it arrived.

And here I sit, behind the stained – but thankfully empty – dumpster, watching the mailman slip the mail into the box. After he’s done I wait for him to do the next few houses and turn the corner, and then I casually stroll over to the box. As always, there are all her various coupons and weekly subscriptions, but today I can already feel something different in the small stack of mail. One envelope is a little larger than the rest, and printed with much nicer materials I pick it out and place everything back inside her mailbox. I can hardly contain myself, but I manage and get back to my beloved dumpster before I tear it open.

I let the torn pieces of the envelope fall to the ground and drift away in the breeze while I read all the words thoroughly.



It wasn’t the most fun trip in the world to make, but once I passed the cities entrance, I didn’t care. Olivine managed to remain one of the nicer cities in the region. Nice, clean streets and buildings are such a nice change from most of the usual setting in the other cities and towns.

It was with probably the most exciting feeling he’s ever felt since leaving home that he wandered the city to find the destination printed in the letter.

And once he found it, he knew. Everything starts here.

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