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    Originally Posted by Nakuzami View Post

    You likey Arceus Plates? Hm . . . erm . . . we could still integrate those . . . um . . . once we figure out what we're actually going to do, lol.
    Ooooooooooooooh, maybe the Arceus Plates are needed to um . . . well, summon Arceus (or at least his powers) and restore the world to its former glory, if we take things to the extreme of "The Great War" that Blaziken15 just described. That way we can be in a world that is kind of . . . wrecked, but the RPers end up restoring it or something in the . . . actually, in the sequel, as what you mentioned was there only being a certain number of plates in each region. 3 RPers = 3 Plates. That's 15 plates, and the final one could be in the sequel?

    "Region Reviving Competition" . . . why am I not sure what you're talking baout? Lol xD
    Actually I had an idea about Arceus' plates and all that. It's got something to do with humans with Pokemon powers. Has anyone watched Sorcerer's Apprentice? The plates will act like the ring shown from the movie and they unlock the person's inner powers. But that's my idea, no stealing it, lol. XD

    Well um realistically speaking, the plates can only be found in Sinnoh. You need to give a good reason why they have been magically moved to other regions. It's not like they can walk on their own and they've been buried underground lol. xD

    Region Reviving is exactly this sort of thing. Region goes into war, big boom of death and poverty, region is destroyed and then region begins to build back up. See how exactly it is with this Great War idea?

    Originally Posted by Skymin View Post
    Would a roleplay about Pokemon basing around the new testament be too touchy of a subject? I just thought as you guys were discussing how arceus is a god, you could have a Jesus figure with the ??? Plate and 13(? How many different types are there again?) disciples but not have a generally Christian kind of plot.

    I'm not a religious person at all but is that too touchy of a subject to meld the ideas together?
    Religion is a touchy subject. People can interpret it in all sorts of ways and that can cause trouble. Generally you should be cautious with such topics and like Yellow, I personally wouldn't go anywhere near such subjects over the Internet. It...I should say...can get out of hand. I can provide an example from another forum I'm on and they had a "Do you believe in God?" thread. It quickly turned into a flame-fest. If a normal discussion is uncontrollable, think of a RP which goes far more in-depth than just talk.

    But I'm sure it will work if you possibly make up a different religion all together and nobody has any reason to say anything against it. =3

    Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
    At worst it gets eye rolls and the occasional troll who tries taking it seriously.
    You do know that religion is meant to be taken seriously, right?