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Originally Posted by Frostik View Post
I wouldn't agree BW's "is starting to have" anything related to Wishful and Negai, unless you mean the dub and not the originals, since the last seven episodes from Japan were so barren of anything that wasn't a plotdrive for each episode, focusing much more on outsider characters than the group (which leads to Trip on Alder, Axew on Scraggy, Chili on Cress [and not even Cilan], Cilan fawning over Charles and Charles with a sorta-girlfriend, Iris and the Deino, Ash and Robert).

The last thing remotely Negaishipping was the last Subway Master episode (and even then, Cilan was more concrete in his admiration of the twins than Ash and Iris were during their "date"). Wishfulshipping seems to be suffering too, if you think Iris's mutterings at him were tired exasperation on her part whenever he overdid it in the fawning department (because they're easily more that than her liking him and wanting him to get over himself [or whatever]).
This is all lies.

Was going to use this for the caption contest. xD;
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