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And 3ds is region-locked so yeah. I have half a mind to write a e-mail to Nintendo asking them to bring this game here under the premise that it will sell because it has the name "Pokemon" in it. Just look at the popularity of the bootlegs. The real deal will sell. Even if it isn't a huge chart topper like the main series. DAMMIT NINTENDO. YOU DONE MESSED UP BRAWL. NOW LET ME PLAY AS JIGGLYPUFF PROPERLY AGAIN.

And weighing in on the whole "oh, Nintendos take my money. So greedy." There are people out there who spend upwards of $200 for a new change of clothes (shirts, pants, shoes, etc.) $229 was a little too much for an initial asking price, but $169 is reasonable enough. DS to 3DS wasn't a simple DS + 3D unlike the other DSgimmicks. DS software could only have a max of 128MB of game. Now, 3DS software can go upwards of 8GB. Plus Miis and building upon the store of the DSi. Also, it's a pedometer with built in games. I think the 3DS was quite fair for what it provides. You don't need to be "devoted" to get a new change of clothes.

EDIT: I am retarded. I thought Nobunoga's Ambition was going to be for 3DS. They're still making games for exclusively for DS? Wow.