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Chapter A; Entry A

The sun decided to finally peek in and say hello right when I least expected it to. As I regained my consciousness, I couldn’t help but thinking that the night had gone by too quickly. It felt like only ten or so minutes since I closed my eyes last! How could a whole.... excuse me, checking the wall clock ....five hours go by unnoticed? Oh well then. No matter. Besides, today’s going to be an absolutely amazing day! Wanna know why? Today is the day-

Goodness gracious. These sheets are a mess. They’ve been starched quite heavily for some reason. I don’t think the owners of this place really know what starch does.... but I can’t blame them for wanting their tenant’s rooms to have that little somethin’-somethin’ that the other makeshift “Inns” don’t have. These guys apparently can afford to go to the next town over’s (Accumula Town I think it’s called) to get their linens dry-cleaned. I think that’s a big deal to them. It would be for me, too, I suppose. I should thank them for that during breakfast. But boy is it like swimming in ice- I don’t think I can fight my way out of here! This looks like a job for.... The Bed Sheet Avenger! Pow, pow! Take that, sheets! No one confines my dear Witthoefft! Smack, Smack! That ought to teach ya! Oh, Bed Sheet Avenger.... you’re so great and handsome and strong.... Well I am you. Giggle.... I know.

Needless to say, I did manage to get out of those sheets and gaze upon the room I bought the night before after getting off that boat. Those sailors weren’t particularly nice when they found me hitchhiking, but I don’t blame them. It’s sort of like getting a free meal by stealing out of someone’s fridge. I remember my heart pounding when in the evening they found me in that broom closet trying to catch a wink of sleep.

“What are you doing here?! Who are you?!” The taller and beefier of the two men that found me said as he grabbed me by the fluffy neck of my sweatshirt.

“No, no! I’m not causing any trouble! Let me go and we can talk!” I said automatically Johtan, unknowing what to do. I wasn’t really scared per se (I don’t get scared, really) but this man was a bit intimidating when his angry, interrogative mug is the first thing you see after being awoken by a choking yank of your throat.

“What? Speak in Unovian, brat!” I think he said; I don’t remember the exact wording or what he actually meant. Translating isn’t the first thing you’re doing in this kind of situation. My mind was far more clouded by thoughts of this man killing me right then and there. Okay, so I was a tad scared. Realizing my mistake, I tried my best to translate what I said before. I don’t really know why this language barrier problem wasn’t foreseen in my plans before. I mean, I took Unovian in school, but I was far from fluent.

“Em.... I am no c- cause- causing here trouble, sir. You re- release? me and we talk.”I uttered. I knew that was butchered as I said it, and the befuddled eyes of the man before me were uncomforting reassurance that my theory was true. He did let me go and drop to the floor, leaving my stunned body to feel a sharp pain in my back as I landed. My nerves were slowly coming back to me though, now that I had more of a mental grasp of what was happening and my fright had dissipated. But I still had to watch my words in case the man wanted some teenage Johtan brains to feed his fists. But I’m quirky and personable! I’d be fine.

Wow my back was really starting to hurt. Oh do I remember that clearly. Ow.

“Ugh, can you get a translator or somebody in here for this moron?” the sailor said, placing his hands on his hips and huffing out air as if it were smoke from eternal fire. Although I remember this sentence, I really only get the gist. The sad part is listening to the language being spoken if my strongest suit. I can’t even read it. But, at least I know what’s going on around me somewhat. Thanks goodness above for those classes. Otherwise I would’ve been completely screwed right then.

“What about Sun? His dad was a Sinnohese immigrant.”The other sailor finally chimed in with.

“Dumbass, Sinnoh and Johto are completely different countries, let alone culture and languages!”

“Well they all look the same to me! They’re too similar!”

“No! Johtan characters are like more smooth and the people are supposed to be more yellowish or something- Gah, just get someone, alright?!

The other man scurried off while the bigger sailor looked down upon me. He sighed and lowered his hand for me to grab. I gratefully did so, smiling as I got onto my feet for the first time that moment.

“Pth. Just a kid.” He mumbled, unknowing that I heard him. “Can you understand basic words and stuff?

“Yes, I can.” I replied. He seemed to be disarmed by the light demeanor; well I guess anyway, he just seemed less tense when I got back into the groove of things. I wasn’t really shaken all that much. I mean, living with my mother certainly incensed me to that kind of stuff.

“What is your name?” he asked.

I had to think about this one. I sort of wanted to drop my real name in favor of something more Unovian, you know, to start over. My real name reminded me too much of my mother.

“I no have one,” I decided.

“What?” the man said, obviously confused. “Who doesn’t have a name?”


“What a lovely breakfast you’ve prepared, Ryokan-san!” I said to the Ms. Motou, one of the owners of the home. She made an absolutely amazing breakfast with.... rather pale pancakes, but I’m sure they’re going to be scrumptious! She’s also Johtan, so I’m able to speak it to her in our native language. Let me tell you, that has made my stay in Unova so far run smoothly. So glad I found this place.

“Why thank you!” She beamed as she poured some syrup on my food. I sat down at the table and immediately picked up my fork, not hesitating to shove those pancakes down my throat. Hey, I’m pretty hungry. Could you blame me? I haven’t eaten since I was in Johto! I was being careful though as to not ruin my night clothes. Or, my white-and-gray striped tank top and black boxers. Which reminds me.... I got to grab my messenger bag and get dressed soon. I like that bag. It was really nice of- oh! I didn’t finish my story. Sorry.

The man eventually had to bring me into his quarters since all the translators were locked inside of their rooms. He sat me down on a bed while he laid back on a wall and thought. I was probably a really difficult thing to decide on. I was a nameless Johtan young man who he barely could communicate with, and taking me back to my country would take up precious time and resources, and allowing me to continue onwards to Unova unregistered would mean he was transporting an illegal alien (something that could make him lose his job.) And I doubt he wanted to murder me. He would’ve already. As he crossed his arms and looked over to me, I raised my eyebrows in alertness and concern for him. I felt kind of bad I was giving him all this trouble.

“Alright. If you don’t have a name, we can give one. What letter do you like?” he proposed.

I gave him a look of confusion. I didn’t really get what he said. Reading that on my face, he became a bit tad annoyed.

“Let’s do.... W or something then if you can’t decide.”

“You give me name?” I said, trying to confirm what he was doing.

“Ugh. Yes, that’s for joining the program.” he said sarcastically.

“Thank you. You nice.” I said blissfully.

The man paused for thought. “What about Walter? You like Walter?”

“I like water,” I said, mishearing him.

“No. Walter.

“Walter?” I asked curiously. What was a Walter? Was I saying “water” wrong?

“Okay, not Walter. We need something with a simpler pronunciation so you don’t get confused.”

What. I did not understand a word of that. What was happening? Were we still giving me a name?

“Oh. I got it. We can name you the same thing as my brother. How’s Witthoefft? Witt-Hoff. Simple enough.”

“Witt-Hoff?” I echoed. I liked it.

“And you can borrow my cousin’s last name. Evans. Okay?”

I nodded my head, thinking he was asking me if I liked Evans as a potential name, too.

“Good. Simple, easy, done. Let me write it on your arm so you don’t forget. Which I know you would.” He said, then going into a drawer and rummaging around to pull out a permanent marker. He walked over to me and uncapped it. “Pull up that fluffy mess of a sleeve, boy.”

I recognized the words “Pull up” and “Sleeve,” so I did just that. Man, what happened to me being good at listening? I barely understood that entire conversation and now I was letting the guy come at my arm with a marker. He just talked too fast for me. I went along with whatever he said at that point. He grabbed my arm and wrote down two words, which I looked at when he let me go.

“WITTHOEFFT EVANS” it read. I tried to take it letter-by-letter, ailing to remember what sound they individually made before trying to group them. I came out with “Witfh-eff-it Ev-ahns.”Was this supposed to be my name? What happened to Witt-Hoff? Or Evans?

The man knelt in front of me and I looked up from my riddled arm. “I’m going to talk slow now so you can understand me.” He said. I faintly nodded my head again. “That is your name now, never forget it. I don’t need anybody finding out that you’re in Unova illegally because of me. If anyone asks, you changed your name to that after passing through the island. I’m going to give you a messenger bag filled with some old clothes I can find, and once we pass by near Nuvema Town, you’re going on one of our life rafts to shore. Are you with me so far? Repeat me.”

Repeat. That was a word I heard loud and clear. But how would I....? Um....

“Name is on arm. No forgetting. No tell of ell-legal. Bag with clothes is given to me, and I go on raft to land.”I said slowly and carefully. That is what I thought he said, so hopefully it was right.

“Close enough.” He sighed.

Oh thank goodness. The last thing I needed was this guy stressed out again. Poor fellow. I’ve given him so much grief.

“It was nice of you to pick us for your stay here.” Ms. Motou said as we stood outside, me placing coins I had in her hand. At least I didn’t leave home without some money.

“It was a great stay, I might add. You keep a great home.” I said.

“Oh, such a charmer you are. Good luck with those Trainer Papers.”

I walked away backwards to wave at her. I mean, they let me into their home and didn’t steal my stuff while I slept! That’s gotta mean something. I adjusted the messenger bag on my back once more before I turned around and headed for what Ms. Motou described as a “rather large brick building” somewhere.

Eeeee! I’m getting my first Pokémon! I jumped up and had a dance in my walk. The fact finally hit me.
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