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    In legends, there has been spoken about various kinds of objects. Ancient relics, to be more specific. They were used for the purpose of summoning deities, battling and much, much more. This game is about one specific relic called the Spear of Victory.

    The Spear of Victory is a legendary item, whose existance is not even certain. The Spear is said to bring eternal victory to anyone who owns it, and it was created by the mighty Alpha Pokémon, using a small part of all its legendary orbs. The Spear was given to an ancient king, for the sole purpose of protecting his land.

    Then one day, the power the king had drove him crazy, and he started using the weapon for conquering even more land, however, this was not the Alpha Pokémon's intention. When the king was about to attack, a lion-like creature appeared to him and roared. The spear shattered in thirteen pieces, which all bursted into flames. The spear was never seen again, and the kingdom of the mighty king fell.

    And now, a bunch of mysterious people is trying to find the spear for their own good! It is your duty to stop them in Pokémon: Prestine Version, featuring a brand new region in the style of the fourth generation games, setting you back to the first time you played Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Meet old friends, new friends, and stop these mysterious people from doing things that could have terrible consequences!

    - A brand new region
    - Custom graphics
    - Animated Pokémon sprites

    More to come soon!



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