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    Yeah (speaking of the hero overworld) I'm guessing the side sprites are wrong since back sprites don't have the brim. Bare in mind when remaking them that the cap is tilted to the player's right hand side, so the left facing sprite won't have that brim (or a skewed angle of it). Since you do the overworlds in mine game, I know from experience you just flip the side sprite so keep that advice in mind.

    Comments on the general thread/game now.
    The first thing that struck me was your game world map. Are you going to keep that style? I think you should
    Your map work is as strong as ever (speaking about your skills I remember from the past lol). There are a lot of 90 degree right angles, but I don't see that as an issue - it's just something I posted (wouldn't call it a "problem").

    Overall, seems like a cool project. I wish you luck.

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