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    Originally Posted by Poke Trainer J View Post
    How can you tell If someone is Online on these Forums? I tried figuring it out but couldn't find anything regarding it.
    Originally Posted by Forever View Post

    There's a little sign next to their names which is green if they're online (also appears in their profile). :3 It varies style to style, though, so I can't really link you anything.

    You've also got: to see the overall list and then down the bottom of the home page you've got a smaller list.
    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post

    Both on their posts and on their profile (near their name) it will have an Online/Offline icon. I can't really show you what it looks like without knowing your style, but if there's nothing that outright says "Online"/"Offline" on posts, look for a green or red icon. Generally that's what's used. If you can't find it, scroll to the bottom of the screen to the style drop-down menu to see which one you have, post it here, and I'll show it to you.
    Originally Posted by Poke Trainer J View Post
    Yeah I don't see it, sorry. :(
    Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post

    See the circled image? That's showing me you're currently online, this is how it looks in the Stunfisk theme. If you look around that area in different themes you'll see something similar. :)
    Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
    If your style is the Delibird's Delivery style, it's a Delibird bouncing up and down if someone's online, and the Delibird is gray if they're offline or invisible.

    If you don't have that option turned on, you won't be able to see the online / offline buttons. Make sure it's on first under "Postbit Elements". If it's already on, it should appear next to the username (on the right) in Standard display and towards the bottom of the postbit in Legacy mode, right above the post-comment / report post buttons (as in dragonomega's screencap). On most themes, it will just be an image with an active / inactive version. It's usually just a colored icon that turns grey when someone is offline. Mouseover it to view if the person is online or off.

    On Dimensional Rift, it's:

    There's also a SLIGHT peculiarity in themes like Generation InVerse and any themes styled similarly to it where the online button is removed completely and is replaced by a little textarea to the bottom-left of the postarea. It says "ONLINE".




    It would have really helped to tell us what theme and display you were using.

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