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Originally Posted by d4rka8isz View Post
Username: d4rka8isz
Partner Pokemon: Spike the Cacturne (so original)
Reason for joining: They're Grass types! I like plants and these two are technically the same thing.

As for which grass starter I find most useful in-game, it's Sceptile (Treecko) because in Emerald, he helped a lot against Wallace, Juan, and the two psychic type leaders. Torterra was amazing as well, but I didn't find him as useful as Sceptile.
Originally Posted by Xeberos View Post
Username: Xeberos
Partner Pokémon: Torterra
Why do you like Grass-type Pokémon: They are usually cute and small. I love Grass-type moves and some moves are pretty powerful like Wood Hammer and Leaf Storm. Grass-type Pokémon are nature Pokémon. <3
Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
I would LOOOOOOOOVE to join this club!

Name: Sector Revenge
Partner: Autumn the Leafeon!
Reason for Joining: Grass type are just amazing! If only our actual real grass can cooperate with us rather than getting blown by the wind all day long, I'd have some entertainment in my life LOL
welcome to the club,d4rka8isz, Xeberos & Sector Revenge!!!!