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Here's my small WIP. I'll hopefully finish it today, though it will likely be tomorrow when it's done.

Question though, I'm really stuck on what power I should have, my choices being Nothingness Manipulation and Energy Manipulation. I'll probably make the ability information for them both but I kinda want to see what you guys think as well.

Edit: Hmm, thinking about changing his personality but I think it's going good so far.

Edit 2: Got a little history done, but not much.

Edit 3: Done, feel like the power is a bit over the top but cons may help me keep it...

Main Information:

Name: Brian Sheppard
Age: 18
Height: 6'3" / 187.96 cm
Weight: 180 lbs / 81.64 kg
Location: New York City, New York, United States


Atlantean Tattoo: Brian's tattoo is by far an intricate design. The design mainly consists of circles and arrow-like shapes. The tattoo is based primarily on his back, although arrows do branch off the already protruding ones down the side of his arms.

Physical: Brian is an average man with an average build. He isn’t a small person and no one would classify him as a big mini tank. He is a fit man with muscle and visible abs from working out and running. His nearly straight white teeth gives him a warm smile, allowing people to feel safe when with him. His eyes are a light reddish-mahogany color. His skin is a bit pale, putting contrast with his short, messy dirty blonde colored hair. When nervous, happy, or on occasion, extremely angry or sad, his hands will glow from an icy blue to a yellowish white light (Powers will explain).

Clothing: Clothing-wise, Brian dresses, well, normal. He wears Carbon Jeans, some with the pre-made holes and some without. He usually has shirts made by Raw State as each is original, handmade, and just plain beautiful and amazing. In the colder months, he will wear either his nice leather jacket or a hoodie. His shoes are basic Adidas black running shoes. He does have a single necklace that he got from his mother that has a rune meaning fearless. Though he usually doesn't wear gloves, he does have a pair of black fingerless ones.

Brian is one of those people who’ll stand up for something, whether it be rights or just to protect a loved one. He'll be the one that would speak out and give his thoughts on something.Some people may call him brave in the way he jumps into things though others call him an idiot because of it. Although people call him an idiot, he is actually quite intelligent as well as artistic. Nonetheless, he is quite a nice person that people can easily befriend.

When nothing is happening, Brian tends to tap his fingers or anything he is able to use into a beat. This habit kinda started back when he was learning to play the drums and it stuck with him ever since.He is also one of those young adults who try and be the most charming as he can be. This tends to show him as one of the romantic sort, as in, he always tends to have some good manners when hitting on the occasional girl.

Some also call Brian adventurous when they meet him due to the way he acts about doing something exciting as well as other things. He also learned some extra stuff, such as parkour, fencing, and other languages, French and Japanese for example.

His bravery (stupidity) may be a great strength yet it is Brian's biggest downfall as well. Always standing up for something or wanting to save someone nearly always puts him in a position in danger.


Brian was born in a small Iowan town to a young, single women just out of high school. Without the means to take care of the baby boy, he was put up for adoption only a couple days after leaving the hospital. Afterwards, he was raised in a local orphanage for only a couple weeks before being adopted by Scott and Sarah Sheppard, a pair of local doctors who would give him a good life.

For three years, his life sprouted and it was shown that he was a smart kid, already able to talk like he was in kindergarten being a small example. A short time later, Sarah gave birth to a set of twins that would join the family. At that moment, Brian's life became that of a role model for his two new siblings, Jake and Mariah. With that being said, he got close to his brother and sister through the good and bad times, teaching them the little he knew as they became older.

At the age of eight, the family started to travel across the world for the sole purpose that his parents spread their medical knowledge. Their first stop was the US capital of Washington, D.C. where they were able to prepare for everything they could in order for their next stop, a Japanese tutor for example. With that, they left for Shibuya.

The first few months in Japan were a tad hard. The twins, being five, were learning the language rather slow with Brian not learning at the best speed either. Because of it, they were forced to get a home-school teacher for a short while. While being home-schooled however, Brian wasn't able to make as many friends as he could and again became closer Jake and Mariah.

After finishing the language tutoring, he was able to attend the local school for a short time before moving to France a year later. The process seemed to continue with each stop and happened again and again while they went to Cairo, Paris, London, and Rio de Janeiro.

The repeated moves made Brian learn tons of stuff like the languages (obviously), fencing, and martial arts, as well as all of the usual subjects but there were also sons to the moves. Brian changed sometimes and becameadifferent person. At twelve, he tried to be a rock star (who doesn't) and learned to play the drums and guitar. At fifteen, he started acting like a scene kid, going as far as changing his hair style and clothes for a short time. He sometimes didn't know who he was and eventually fell to mood swings after he turned sixteen.

After the start of his swings, the family moved back to the states where they stayed in New York City. Here, Brian got the medication he need that could help him control his emotions to a certain degree, leading to the last year being pretty quiet. Without the moving, there was no need to start learning extra languages and he was able to make more friends. Yeah, it was quiet, that is until the reveal of the Atlanteans. With their reveal, so was Brian's ancestry. He was an Atlantean and soon developed his powers, finally understanding the mood swings.


Brian's ability is one of emotion. Each individual ability able to gain power from the feelings he has. It is simply the power of Emotional Energy Manipulation. Currently, he believes that his own mood swings decided the ability for him.

The first noticeable power of relation is that of empathy. Empathy, simply put, is the power to feel another's emotions let off by their own emotional energy. By viewing these emotions, he is able to see the events that led to the emotion, ultimately seeing the targets memory. Sometimes, the thoughts of others seems to take him over when he isn't focused, influencing him to feel the way the other person does. Quite, a big con in his opinion but as long as he doesn't let himself fall to feeling he is perfectly fine.

Furthermore, by focusing his own emotional energy into that of someone else he can seem to do the same thing to them as what happens when he falls to the influence. He is able control their emotion by making it more extreme, such as happiness to joy, or by changing it completely. On occasion,this can make some people do something they wouldn't usually do while they have the same emotion. Again, there is a con. If he were to use the ability to often it could easily backfire, causing him to feel the emotion at it's extreme for awhile.

Writing Sample:

Cyber-terrorist? I thought as the news continued on. There is just no way. I guess you could say that I was a little annoyed by the fact that the country was being rather ignorant. I decided to leave the room, grabbing my bag and calling bye to my dad.

I completely forgot about my uniform, not that I actually needed it. We were in the middle of Spirit Week at Shibuya High and we were favored to win the tournament finals. It may not be a good week for Tokyo but it sure was for my school!


After I had reached my class, I realized that everyone was just as excited. Some kids wore the school colors while others had their hair dyed. As soon as I sat down, Sora and Kazumi were practically on top of me.

"Are you going to the pep rally?" Kazumi asked, eager for the answer.

"Of course," I replied. I watched as her face lit up and I have to say, Sora's did too. We hadn't hung out since the lunch at the mall and it would be fun. I watched as the bell rang, telling everyone to sit down. You could still see the anticipation on everyone's faces.

Soon after we heard an explosion next door in Ms. Chu's class. Everyone, including me, stood up and ran for the door to see everyone piling out and into the old music room. I didn't find out til later what had really happened but alot of rumors had spread about it by the end.


"Finally!" I yelled as the final bell rang. That got some major cheering from the class. Kazumi soon came up, grabbing mine and Sora's hands. She pulled us both to the schools quad where the pep rally was being held. We each sat down in the back row as Coach Watanuki, the captains beside him, started his speech and gave away awards. Boy, this will be an interesting day!

Just as the rookie of the year was ready to receive his award nearly everyone's phones started to ring or vibrate. Everyone answered and immediately hung up as if they didn't care. I check my Droid to see some long number across the screen.

I looked at it for awhile before answering. The voice was odd and mechanical, yet it repeated the same thing over and over again. I ended the call saying wrong number and looked around. Still it seemed no one cared except one other. It was the rookie of the year, Riku I think was his name, and he looked around suspiciously in the same way I did. I pushed the thought away as the awards started again.


We managed to sit through the rest of the speeches and awards without anymore odd occurrences. Luckily, the games were just about to start! Sora ended up beating nearly everyone in one of the games of musical chairs while Kazumi and I won a wheelbarrow with me as the wheelbarrow. All of lost the four-legged race after we tripped over each other.

We played nearly the whole night ending the fun with our favorite, "Let's see how many people we can fit into a car!" game. Each of their parents came to pick them up, both offering a ride. I declined their offers, saying I'd rather walk.

I watched as they both left, thoughts about both of them. I finally started to walk toward my home. Except... This is when the stranger stuff started to happen.

A lightning strike happened across the field I was by, followed by the loudest thunder I had ever heard. It got even weirder as snow started falling. Ya, I said snow. What in god's name? I thought. I stepped closer to the house, now in sight when something happened...

I just froze and yet, everything else did too. A voice had than crawled out of my head, letting me hear it.

"Five strange fingers form Fate’s hand,
Each one plays part at Fate’s command.
A clouded past, the answers it keeps,

Until its time each secret sleeps.
When pain is truth and truth is pain,
The Evil of The Past shall be freed again.
Five shall go but five shall not return,
Vain hope and pride in terror burn."

The echo finished and I gained control of my body once more. Suddenly, I take a step back. Right in front of me stood a squat shape in a brown robe, his face hidden in darkness. He lifted his head, revealing an unattractive, though not grotesque face with missing teeth and a big white mustache.

"Be calm Hiro, don't be afraid," the man said. I just stared at him. How does he know my name? I finally turned, ready to run but he was there. Right in front of me...

He wrenched my hand upward to his face. I pulled as best I could, yet it didn't budge. What is he gonna do to me? I wasn't usually the scared type but you would've been too. I tried pulling my hand away as he smiled.

Suddenly, as if he wanted it to happen, my hand started to shine in an odd pattern. I couldn't even think before the man chuckled.

"I was right," he said to me, "You are one of the chosen children." I finally pulled my hand away saying, "Who are you?"

He just looked at me, a smile still on his face. "You will soon know," he said, disappearing in a rainbow of light.
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