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Oo! Thank you!

So, this is going to be really really bare and it's not midnight here so I don't have a good excuse like Aura. XD I'll try and work on this everyday, though.

Oh and if you see any updates, feel free to give suggestions. It's probably not the final product or anything (with superpower RPs I always base the superpower heavily on the personality, I just feel it should work that way) so it'll probably change a lot anyways.

Main Information:
Name: Jericho Gabriel Heiko
Age: 19
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 168lbs
Location: Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, United States of America


Atlantean Tattoo: It looks like this now. We're never changing it again. It's on his back. gr8

So far these lines only reach about an inch (some lines end farther down than others) under his wrist. Jericho's hand still itches which suggests that the tattoo has yet to finish.

Physical: When looking in the mirror, Jericho would call himself the cream of the gene crop. Jeri has darker, tanned skin. A color that he thought made him look Hispanic. His bronze skin is lightly freckled on his cheeks and again behind his ears. Jeri's build is on the lankier side. Muscle makes up a good portion of his thickness. This muscle isn't large, but lean and was acquired through his years of track which he still continues. His hair is a dark black and and a sweep through will reveal its thick growth. He keeps his hair in a medium shag style. mostly because this is how his hair naturally falls. When he does get a haircut he keeps it short and thins out his hair to keep it tame. His hair is mostly made up in a wavy texture and on the sides, stick out. He does his best to keep his hair off of his neck and often ignores (or forgets) his bangs in the front that grow long and quickly. Whenever Jeri smiles his dimples show and the rising of his cheeks help bring out his blue eyes.

Clothing: No matter what Jeri always wears a hoodie. Thick, thin, short, long, whatever he's wearing one. Well, maybe the exception would be for formal situations or places where uniform is required. He's always wearing one because he's always cold, or he feels cold. Anyways, there was never a situation where someone couldn't be a little more warm. A hoodie is so important to his wardrobe that he had many of them and even ones for specific outfits. He had ones with intricate designs, some plain, and others with joking text or pictures. It can be accurately guessed that he had one in every color and for every occasion. He wears each of his hoodies the same way he would wear normal clothes, interchanging and different for every day. To accommodate his hoodies, which are usually long sleeved, he most normally wears a short sleeve shirt or t-shirt underneath. His bottoms vary and can be anything from jeans to sweats or shorts.

Personality: Jericho is, in short, a hot-head. Quick-tempered and reckless, it's not rare to have him make an outburst at some point in the day. These moments are not easily tampered, either. It'll take more than a stern talking to to get him to quick. Simply because Jericho doesn't exactly learn from his mistakes. In method, yes, he will learn to not do one thing that had failed to allow him to reach a goal, but behaviorally, not so much... No matter how many times he's punished he'll still do the same thing. Anything short of death or jail time won't keep his mouth shut or his actions in check. Jeri doesn't think about his actions much before hand. If it sounds fun, nine times out of ten he'll do it. No matter what. Getting in is different than getting out, though. However, even if Jeri changes his mind mid-action he'll still go through with it. He wasn't a quitter, if anything, and will still continue on with the challenge. Even if he fails, his mind will be stuck on how to get better and actually achieve the goal before he ever lets himself rest. Too bad he never instilled this mindset on his academics.

Jeri is very easily angered or at least irritated. It isn't really hard to get on his nerves and a lot of things can bring a sarcastic comment from his throat. Usually insulting. While these urges seem uncontrollable, Jeri can actually tell when it's best to be quiet, even if he doesn't show it a lot. It takes a grave amount to keep his mouth completely shut or a truly intimidating authority. Without these, Jeri will most commonly say the first thing on his mind.

The most annoying thing he can tell you he's encountered is people's reaction to his name. To prevent people comparing it to TV shows or movies or bands or whatever he always introduces himself as Jeri.

History: Jericho was born on an August day in Woodbridge, Virginia and was raised just about everywhere else. Working in the Air Force, it was his father that made them go from place to place under orders. At a young age, there were many tears and much sadness from losing friends, but from one move to another, the hysteria of it became much, much less. Soon moving became a normal thing and going across the country every now and then seemed like something every family did. Learning about kids that lived in the same place all their lives sounded odd and weird. Soon enough, Jericho didn't have an accent, but some mixture from every state he's ever been to.

Jumping from school to school made even strong friendships short, but Jeri, in a burst of smarts, discovered the greatness of cellphones and modern communication at an early age, allowing him to stay in touch with his newer close friends, however without the same, constant contact, communication does not always last. If his moving taught him one thing, it told him that where one friend is, there's another somewhere else. It wasn't hard for Jeri to make friends, even if his friends weren't always considered the best of bunches. Jeri's schooling and living went by smoothly. In his elementary and early middle school grades Jericho did very well in school, working hard and getting good grades. By eighth grade this began to fall off and through his High School years, Jeri would surf by with grades just good enough for him to pass and run track. His lax in the school atmosphere and his involvement in more recreational and friend-absorbed activities left him with little to no plans for the future. By senior year he still didn't choose a college to attend and as the quarters went by he was more convinced he wasn't going to college. He didn't think he needed to. Jeri already knew what he wanted to be, a pilot, and who needed college to become a pilot? Flying didn't need a masters degree. He already knew how to fly planes by then and all it would take was a good job. Jeri didn't like the idea of flying commercial planes and was looking continue the tradition of Air Force men in his family. Easy and simple. If he ever wanted to go to college (fat chance of that!) then he would exploit his military benefits to allow him back into school, paid for. How clever was that? He had himself set, the only problem was getting off of the ground.

Look, school was totally boring and he needed a break before he was going to have some jarhead screaming the basics of flight in his ears. Jeri took his time applying to be enlisted. He took his time for just about everything. He had a job and he was in no rush. His parents knew his plans anyways. He knew all the age limits, he didn't need to jump out there right away. So he didn't and even after a year out of school, he still lives with his parents in their home on base.

Jericho would say that his problems, and the awesome, started when he got this stupid itch on his foot. Insatiable, annoying, irritating. He hated it. Instead of being some normal itch it continued forever, swelling into hives and making walking uncomfortable. His mom, protective, took him to the hospital on the second day and the doctor could only shrug and prescribe him allergy meds and suggest a full cleaning of the house--which his mother got to right away. Jericho thought the doctor's verdict was bupkis. Medical school and he didn't even know what he was talking about. Especially since the the Benedryl he was prescribed did nothing. It was the morning of the third day that the itching seemed to cease and in a relieved check of his foot, he saw the black marking of a shape.. Much like a sun. The whole thing freaked him out, big time, and in the same moment the itching started to come up again, full blast, and this time on his leg. Instead of going to his mother, who was sure to freak, he went to his friend instead. Peter, one of the smarter members of his circle of buds. From Peter he learned about the Atlanteans revealing themselves. It wasn't the first time he got wind of it, of course there were rumors and talk here and there, but he never really looked into it. After disbelief, arguing, and finally a little online research, Jeri was convinced. But what about his power? It didn't take long for him and Peter to start working on finding out just what it was.

Ability: Energy Conversion

Jericho has the ability to absorb and convert energy. Voluntarily (and sometimes involuntarily) Jericho can absorb any type of natural energy into his body and change it into another form (heat, light, chemical, mechanical, nuclear, ect.). Some energies are harder to produce than others.
Most often, Jeri has to be prepared to absorb energies. It will not happen just automatically. If he isn't expecting it, then the energy will not be absorbed. There are times when his body can force absorption on its on in the form of a flinch or tensing, but these involuntary movements do not always activate the power. When absorbing energy, whatever is coming at him will not stop suddenly in its tracks (especially fast moving, solid objects). For example, if he were hit by a bus and was prepared enough to attempt absorption, he could not just simply put out his hand and stop the bus with an instantaneous collection of energy. The bus would still hit him full force, but its momentum would be slowed faster while the energy is being sucked away and, since the energy is being released and absorbed, Jeri could not get every last bit. If he were to actually survive the hit, then he would keep the energy.

Containing energy is not nearly as easy as absorbing it. Without his body being conditioned to extra stored energy he can rapidly become overloaded and he will feel the effects too. Too much heat and he'll feel hot; too much electricity and he could become twitchy, accidentally zap people or objects from the jumping of electricity, constantly shock people upon touch, and even possibly have the electricity force its way out onto the ground (too much electricity could also burn his heart of electrocute him, causing death); too much sound energy and his movements can become amplified as well as his voice (the collection of sound could also cause harsh vibrations in his system, disorient him, or even burst his eardrums or other sound-sensitive parts of his body). Another affect of over-absorption can cause the energies to go against him and destroy his body. Being integrated into his body now, absorption effects homeostasis.

Jeri can only expel energy, not control it. His power will not allow him to make stand-still walls or moveable forms. He can only absorb, convert, and expel energy, not control it with kinetic power. The closest thing to a shield he could ever possibly make for himself would be one from intense, radiated energy. Whenever Jeri absorbs energy, it will not come out as strong as it had before. The conversion of energy is never 100% pure. Even if he were to master his power to allow him to convert more energy into the same thing, it will never be a complete conversion. The most dangerous thing Jeri can expel is his own energy. Without absorbing energy at all, he cannot do a thing, unless he were to take it from himself. Jeri could, for example, use, change, or release the energy produced inside of his own body. Of course this would drastically impair his body's equilibrium and the energy would deplete quickly. This action can become fatal if he isn't paying attention.

Writing Sample:

Winter sun poured through the open blinds, illuminating the room naturally. The blinds cast a broken shadow of thin rectangles down the room and over the bed. The blue covers were arranged messily over the top, bunched here and there and in general disarray. Jericho stared at the ceiling above, shirtless with the cover at his waist. His marking, only ending on his stomach for the time being, didn't continue in its black-lined trend, but in a more swollen red. The hives he had caught from his incessant scratching was warm to the touch. The cold that radiated out of the window cooled his skin and made the itch subside for the time being. That gray and white cat, Wulf, rest his head on his middle, sleeping. Jeri's fingers scratched the feline's head slowly and rhythmically as he muttered the words to minute long song he discovered and could not yet get out of his head.

"I think I'll run around for no good reason and act like there's stuff I gotta do..." The room was silent save for his own murmuring. The moment was peaceful, ideal. There were no classes for him today and, for now, he wanted to spend it just like this. It was one of those great moments, where time seems to slow down and everything seems just right. He wanted more than anything for the day to continue just like this. "... this guy's bringing me food! This food sucks but I don't even know it..." The thought of even moving seemed like it would ruin everything. He closed his eyes, smiling as he spoke. A film of sleepiness clung to his eyelids and he yawned involuntarily. He would have to start his day soon, though. Tempting as it was he couldn't just do nothing all day. He'd have to want to pee or something soon. "Holy Christ it's a piece of paper! I have no idea how pointless I am and I don't even know I'm gonna die..." He actually started getting hungry a while ago, but laziness kept him from moving. It was getting worse, though. Turning into that claws-scratching-the-back-of-your-stomach kind of hungry. He inhaled deeply and then let out a loud sigh. It was time to get up, he supposed. Pausing his song, he lifted his hand off of Wulf's head and tried to move without disturbing him. God, why did he have to lay his head on him. Did he look like a pillow?

Jeri's attempt at stealthy moving was in vain. It seemed like from just a twitch he heard Wulf's mew. "Sorry, sorry!" He apologized to him, getting up much more quickly now. He stood up out of the bed and looked down at Wulf, who looked up at him with green-yellow eyes. The cat looked at Jeri in an inquiring way, but also in a way that looked slightly annoyed by his moving, if cats got annoyed. Jeri frowned a tad. "I said I was sorry, didn't I?" Wulf looked at him for a moment longer, looked away, and then laid his head back down on the bed. Whatever he said, whatever he was thinking, Jeri was glad he didn't hear it. It was probably mean. Once again, he thanked that his power let him tone out all the noise.

Still, if he had a choice, he'd rather not have it. Jeri grabbed the remote up from the nightstand and switched on the TV. It came to life with a crackling, static-y noise. Voices came on after and then the picture on the screen. It was the opening sequence for the morning news. Too lazy to change the channel and figuring it was about time he finally checked the news, Jeri tossed the remote onto the pillow and made his way to the small kitchen to possibly start his day.


And for anyone wondering what Jericho is singing:
Anya Odile // Bae'd to Quest // The Frozen Gate
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