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Just glancing quickly because I have a thing to post but:
They might see how other LPers don't recieve much feedback and fear they might not get any either. Most LPers get discouraged by this and quit making videos.
Maybe this would be a good focus to have - so try to design something that encourages comments? For instance Astinus and I have been running Review challenges in fics to try to get some more activity there. Doesn't mean it'll work but it's something to consider.

Anyways, as it is a discussion thread: I HAVE AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. See, I went over to imageshack to upload more images for my own LP. Guess what lovely message they have up.
You have 3199 photos stored. Since you're over the 500 photo limit you'll need to upgrade to a Premium account or you'll only be able to keep 500 of your recent photos. Older photos will expire on the 1st of March.
This is a policy change they just made a couple of days ago apparently with no warning. So basically: if you have the joy in having chosen imageshack to upload images for your LP, you have the choice of paying on a monthly basis to keep your stuff, or starting over.

Bah humbug etc.