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Pokémon Fallout

Welcome to the OOC/SU thread for Pokémon Fallout! We're a post-apocalyptic, sandbox'ish style pokemon roleplay set in the Sinnoh region that takes a few numbers from Pokemon Reburst rather than using the traditional systems. Interested to know more? Read the plot!~ Please note before signing up that it has been somewhere around 100 years since pokemon vanished.

You can use this thread to discuss whatever, and it's also the thread for SUs. Please look below for a Sign Up Template and use that when writing your SUs.

Link to the IC Thread

If you like this RP you can thank your friendly local GMs PkMnTrainer Yellow and TornZero~

Available Spots/Accepted Characters
As a matter of fact, this roleplay has unlimited available spots~ However, this spoiler will be used to keep track of who is playing who in the roleplay.



• You may not control the NPC bosses without GM permission.

• This roleplay uses the game's canonities, not the anime or the mangas.

• If you have an issue with something or someone in the roleplay, please bring it up with the GM(s). If it is about another roleplayer specifically, please bring it up /in private/. We are reasonable GM(s) and you should be able to expect to be able to work out any problems with us to the best of our ability. The only reason you will ever be removed from the roleplay for rule violations is if you refuse to work with us to fix the problem.

• Because there is unlimited spots in the roleplay, there will not be a strict activity enforcement. However, if you do not post for days and other people are waiting on you, they are then free to move ahead without you. You may resume posting whenever you wish, but you are not allowed to demand that another RPer waits an extended period of time for you. Other RPers may not however bunny your character anymore than necessary to move on in turn, and if you feel that someone moving on was handled inappropriately please bring it to the GMs so we can see what can be done.

• No guns whatsoever. Human weapons in general are to be considered useless when used on pokespirit wielders with the exception of explosives which are able to cause bruises and stun pokespirit wielders that weren't bracing themselves. Heavier explosives may result in severe disorientation and or the victim being thrown through the air, and may cause bruises more frequently, but once again are unlikely to actually end a pokespirit wielder's life. (The one exception on human weapons is a blade wielded by a pokespirit wielder. A blade wielded by a pokespirit wielder is capable of causing significant damage to other pokespirit wielders due to the sheer strength behind it, but will be very prone to shattering on any given strike.)

• No character is permitted to take the form of a Pokemon. All characters must maintain a humanoid shape and no character may exceed 10'0'' (3.048 meters) or be smaller than 2'0'' (0.6096 meters) in height. As a rule of thumb, when one's character is fused they should not look to be more than 30% Pokemon nor less than 10%. Here are some examples: A 10-15% Pokemon - Espeon Wielder, a 10-15% Pokemon - Cohagrigus Wielder, and a 20-25% Pokemon - Eelektross Wielder. Note the Eelektross wielder having abnormal skin and large fangs instead of human teeth. 25-30% Pokemon - Charizard Wielder. Note the charizard wielder's limbs being more pokemon than human. If this one had fully orange/red skin or an inhuman face, they'd be going overboard and might be denied.

• Rated M. A lot of hardcore things are going to happen in this roleplay. This is as real as it gets. Random gang signs go here People die, and quite frankly, cannibals kind of exist. However, that being said, there are still some limitations to prevent this from jumping straight to MA territory. First of all, the graphic content of posts must be kept reasonably low. Terrible things happen, yeah, but as shown in the plot if it gets really awful it should be implied instead of explicitly described. If a post is deemed too graphic you will receive a Private Message asking you to edit it. Due to the fact that MA roleplays are completely against the rules, failure to edit posts deemed too mature in a reasonable amount of time will result in me having to ask for moderator help in deleting said post. In terms of romance, there's a strict ban on smut.

How Combat Works
There is no leveling here. Instead you'll be left to your own devices to write your character maturing combat-wise at your own pace. Or not. Nobody said you had to rise up and be the ultimate warrior. Use your imagination! Fighting is freeform and once again you can use your imagination here. All pokespirit wielders are stronger, faster and more durable than regular humans by default. Evolution is mostly cosmetic here with the exception of a growing movepool, and most spirits won't evolve through combat at all. (Meaning you get to choose if they do or don't.)

You can either agree to the outcome of a fight beforehand or let the GM(s) be the judges and improvise. If it is determined that you have lost a deathmatch, meaning the loser is finished off, you may work with the GM(s) to see what can be done about perhaps having your character miraculously survive (unlikely) or how you can continue being a part of the roleplay. If the victor does not attempt to finish the loser off, it is not a deathmach.

The nature of pokemon attacks denotes they are very difficult to dodge without having an evasion type move of some sort. If you frequently dodge attacks listed as having 100% accuracy with no justification you /will/ be called on god modding. In addition, you shouldn't be able to take many direct hits unless there's a type resistance at play or other defensive move. No pokemon is that tanky to just shrug off attacks without doing anything to protect themselves.

Lastly, HM moves do not exist and instead pokemon that are capable of learning the moves can simply do them without wasting a move slot.

When Ghetsis was defeated atop N's castle most people had assumed N's dream had not only been doomed never to see the light of day, but abandoned by N himself. Team Plasma was a broken shell of its former self, its members in hiding or prison and it's sages having more or less accepted their failure. Team Plasma never recovered, and so the crisis was thought to have passed.

...However, what nobody had seen coming was that N's dream lived on not through N, nor Team Plasma, nor even Ghetsis, but through their admirers. A group of radicals operating low-key as scientists pursued to succeed where N had failed through their own, far less innocent methods. They sought to engineer something that could break the mysterious bond between man and pokemon under the guise of trying to understand it; and so they did.

First, they created a formula that could break the bond, and through further study they were able to initiate a kind of biological warfare unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. A virus was released which could infect and attack pokemon, removing their ability to develop or maintain bonds with their trainers or others in general.

The worst had yet to come however. From atop his celestial perch Arceus was not unaware of this act against... well... itself! From the dawn of the pokemon they had been meant to be companions to humans. Who dared commit such a crime? Arceus looked out and saw that the world had become uninhabitable for pokemon to live without losing their gift and was enraged. Just like that, he took back the gift of pokemon entirely. Pokemon rapidly began vanishing off te face of the earth, their spirits being recalled to a place not even the virus could reach them.

...And what of the humans? Humanity was alright, for a short time. There was great panic and with good cause however as humanity became intimately aware of how much it had depended on pokemon. Everything from the police, to rescue teams, to hospitals, to farmers, /everything/ had depended on pokemon to some degree. Without pokemon, some of these things were made impossible or obscenely difficult compared to before.

Crime ran rampant. Without pokemon there was no meat, and the produce supplies were quickly diminished. Humanity as a whole quickly devolved into chaos as people were forced against a rock and a hard place. In the end, humanity itself was nearly wiped put, though as the population declined it became easier for individuals to survive. Unspeakable horrors were committed in the name of life or death and a new era of depravity was formed. Children were the target of much hate, as well as those whom had them, humans beginning to looking at them as no more than extra mouthes to feed. Humanity eventually managed to stabilize itself, however. It was broken, but not down and out. Not even the scientists who had caused the catastrophe had been immune to the consequences, as they had no idea how dire said consequences would be.

It was not truly the apocalypse, however. Some of humanity stood strong to their morals even as demise was upon them. Though they were often crushed under the boot of the horde their stands did not go unseen. Arceus eventually found it in itself to seek a remedy to the situation, to spare a shred of mercy. Using its awesome power, Arceus restored the pokemon in a new form, that of which not even the virus could hope to corrupt. A quake of unimaginable power shook Mt. Coronet and tore it asunder. Yet, from the gaping wound in the earth erupted a giant crystal formation. The crystal shimmered with divine power and from it the spirits of the pokemon returned. From then on, children from the ages of 10 to 13 would feel drawn to the site, wherein the spirit of a pokemon would choose them and fuse with them, giving the child the ability to take on some of the features of that pokemon and access to that pokemon's powers.

In addition, a large stone tablet rose with the formation, upon which was carved the words "BRING YOURSELVES TO JUSTICE" in plain English as well as several commandments in a language that only pokemon spirits can read.

The commandments read as followed, and pokemon spirits are not only allowed but encouraged to tell their human host:

"The world has been broken, and it is humanity's fault."
"It is up to you to bring justice to yourselves and the world."
"You must guide yourself, however..."
"These are the laws of Arceus!"
•"Let yourself be washed of your moral preconceptions. From the first time you've read these commandments, let them be your only laws. Then and only then allow yourselves to rediscover what you believe is right or wrong."
•"You shall not harm the spirit of the pokemon, lest divine retribution strike."
•"You shall be in possession of no more than six pokemon spirits at any one time, lest your spirit become suppressed."
•"If you take the spirit of the pokemon from another you must take it for your own, lest it turn on you."
•"You shall not harm children under the age of fourteen that have not yet received their pokemon spirit."

It's now up to these children to change the world for better or worse. What will you fight for, and ultimately what will become of humanity and the world they live in?

Who are you?
You play one of the children gifted with a spirit of pokemon. Some of the adults would like to enslave you for work purposes, and the world is still rather chaotic. Your goal is either to bring the world out of it's depraved state, rule it, or whatever your character wants. The only thing that stands in the way is the other children that aren't on your side. Your pokemon spirits are there to guide and support you either way, as all of them can communicate with their human host mentally.

In addition to being able to fuse with your pokemon spirit and take on their powers and some of their features you have the ability to absorb the pokemon spirits of defeated opponents, and if you're more cruelly inclined you can even absorb the life energy of defeated others themselves, in which case they would perish and their physical form be converted into pure energy. In a world without any creatures besides humans and very scarce edible plant life you may find that it doesn't take an evil lunatic to resort to... unorthodox methods of obtaining subsistence. That being said, it may be important that your character know when to run to avoid such a fate.

You may optionally sign up for a normal human if you so wished, or even one of the nefarious adults. However, you should be warned that without a poke spirit you will be mostly helpless if confronted by someone wielding one.

Key Locations/Points of Interest/Setting
The setting of the roleplay is Sinnoh. Many of the cities and towns have been abandoned due to humanity's collapse, leaving little to no life in their ghostly wake. Any and all edible plant life is typically hoarded, making finding some without stealing from another rare. Non-edible plant life such as trees are still in plenty supply, however. There are four key locations still inhabited by humans.

Jubilife City [Hostile towards children]
Jubilife City is a shadow of it's former self; buildings succumbing to disrepair, power lost, and filth covering the streets that the homeless are forced to live on this city is home primarily to adults. It's one of the most highly populated city in Sinnoh alongside Eterna City. Children are banished from this city completely, sent to Eterna or flat out executed if they resist. This city is lead by a cynical old man named Richard Lewt.

Edit #1: Jubilife City has become more spread out in an effort to reduce casualties in the event of a remote attack. Words of the apocolypse are whispered among it's occupants as adults attempt to figure out how to deal with the ominous threat of complete destruction by any given pokespirit wielders and fail. Some have left the city, choosing to live a bandit's life. They don't last long.

Eterna City [Mildly Hostile towards free pokespirit wielders] Destroyed by PkMnTrainer Yellow's character Hailey
Eterna City, being partly ruins to begin with, looks a bit less horrifying than Jubilife. Though trash is still omnipresent, and buildings are not in great shape, many of the older buildings look little to no different than they did before. This city is home to both adults and children, most of which children have not yet received pokespirits, except for a select few that decided not to rebel. Said few are often forced to do heavy labour such as heavy lifting and cleaning. This city is ruled by a relatively old man named Earnest MacKenzie.

Edit #1: Eterna City is gone.

Children's City (Previously Hearthome City) [Hostile towards adults]
Hearthome City, like Jubilife, is in terrible condition. Once a city home to both children and humans a boy named Nicholas receiving his pokespirit successfully used his newfound powers to either drive the adults out or kill them. The survivors generally migrated to Jubilife. Thus, this city was renamed "Children's City". Nicholas now rules Children's City with an iron fist, crushing what little resistance there is with violence. Adults are banished from the city. Those loyal to Nicholas will attack on sight.

Edit #1: Children's City now has pokespirit wielding guards. These tend to be volunteers, and they're out to prevent the city from being destroyed... like Eterna.

The Undeground
The Underground of Sinnoh is less of an organized society like the other three key points and more of a hive of scum a villainy these days. People of all ages come here to hide or acquire the services of those whom don't want to be found. Being in this place is generally dangerous in and of itself, as those around are often at least mildly hostile to anyone they don't know. Through digging, one can find the fossils of long extinct pokemon. However, even if one acquired the technology to revive them, it would not work. They thus serve as a sad reminder of what once was. The closest thing to a ruler of this city is a pokespirit wielding young crime lord named Lizzy Borkson

Edit #1: The underground became even more hostile as a direct result of Eterna City's destruction as tensions rise between children of different ideologies over whether exterminating all the adults is really the proper course of action. Rumor has it Lizzy is not a fan of the idea.

NPC Bosses
Nicholas (Tyrannitar)
Nicholas is the "leader" of children's town. A young boy with a deep-seated hatred toward adults, he is credited with creating aforementioned town. However, the history of how he went about doing this is dark indeed. At first, he was a hero to his kind, gaining a pokespirit and fighting off the suppressors. However, his hatred fueled revenge quickly began to accelerate into a full-blown genocide on a level that terrified those that saw it. Such was the extent of his conquest that he successfully drove all adults from what is now considered children's town. He is known as a bully and dictator, being quick to anger and use violence when the peace of his little utopia is threatened. The raw destructive power he possesses is terrifying, even among pokespirit wielders. Fearful gossip has it that he could single-handedly bring down the world if he wanted. However, if this was true, it's anyone's guess why he hasn't tried eliminating adults completely.

Difficulty: Closest thing to a final boss short of other players. High-Impossible

Lizzy Borkson (Duskull)
Lizzy is the leader of a crime organization dedicated to stealing supplies from...really everyone. They're a rather selfish bunch generally, and don't much care for anyone outside of their group. Lizzy herself is rather cruel, and enjoys scaring others in her free time though occasionally her visits are a little less innocent. Being more or less the heart of the Undeground society she has achieved notoriety for her misdeeds. Due to her having an entire gang under her control, fighting her can be quite a mistake

Difficulty: High

Anne Lorkum (Haxorus)
Anne is a young wandering female that wanders the wilderness. She's known for having lost herself to madness. If you wanted to know exactly how she lost herself you'd have to ask around, as this is not widely known knowledge. What is known however is that most of her humanity is long gone, leaving a berserk, violent girl in its wake. She is terrifyingly powerful in that there are little to none that can hope to match her in physical combat. Yet, she is not the best at taking a hit.

Difficulty: Medium-High

Fiona Ward (Arcanine)
Fiona is the leader of a small "pack" of pokespirit wielders, a young girl, and it is near impossible to catch her alone. She is distrusting of outsiders, and serves as a sort of mother figure to the others. She is rumored to be one of the first pokespirit wielders in existence. Alone she is only , but her "pack" is highly loyal and together they can be a very dangerous threat when provoked.

Difficulty: Medium-High

Zack Williams (Kabutops)
Zack is a pokespirit wielder that never rebelled from the adults, one of only a small niche of children that didn't. This oppressed boy is living in a state of depressed denial in which he desires to trust the adults, but they keep abusing him for his powers. His hard work has made him strong, however, and confronting him could be dangerous.

Difficulty: Medium

The adults (Normal Human)
If you venture into adult territory you may come across adults that will condemn you for being a pokespirit wielder. If this happens and you do not flee, you may find yourself confronted with an angry mob that may not /let/ you flee. You will then be faced with a grim choice; that of you or them. Winning depends primarily upon the guts of your character and the drive to survive. Past that it's not remotely difficult.

Difficulty: Low

Sign Up / SU Template
Pokespirit wielder (Recommended)

Nickname (Optional):

Age (10-13):

Sex (Male or Female):

Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish.): Minimum of 3 lines if no picture is provided.

Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?): 4 lines minimum

History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events?): 4 lines minimum

Pokéspirit (No legendaries. Alternate color schemes are allowed.)

Nickname (Optional):

Personality (Can be as short or long as you want):

Moves (Maximum of 6. TM and egg moves are allowed. These are the moves your character gets when they fuse):

Other (Optional): This is where you put any unique traits, quirks, or additional powers your pokespirit may give your character. If they're based on quirks or abilities the original pokemon had, you have a high probability of being accepted.

Opening Post (This will be what we use to determine whether your writing skills are good enough. If accepted, you may feel free to copy paste your post here into the IC thread.): I would recommend a minimum of 8 lines and a maximum of 20, but it's your choice.

Normal Human

Nickname (Optional):

Age (Any age):

Sex (Male or Female):

Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish.): Minimum of 3 lines if no picture is provided.

Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?): 4 lines minimum

History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events?): 4 lines minimum

Opening Post (This will be what we use to determine whether your writing skills are good enough. If accepted, you may feel free to copy paste your post here into the IC thread.): I would recommend a minimum of 8 lines and a maximum of 20, but it's your choice.

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