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Ooo! I would like to reserve a spot ^-^

But I'm gonna start my SU in this post. I'm on my IPod, so I cannot really tell how many lines I'm typing, but I'll try my best x3

Name: Katharine Woalf

Nickname (Optional): Kat/Kitty

Age: 13

Sex: Female

Appearance: Kat has long, chestnut brown hair that reaches the halfway point on her back. Kat stands at 5 foot 6. She has long legs, her fingers are also longish. Her eyes are normally a forest green, but turn into a bright silver when fused. She wears worn down jeans and a black, blood and mud encrusted jacket. She normally keeps her hood up, but it falls when she fights. She likes to keep her hair up in a ponytail to keep it out of her eyes. She also wears worn down combat boots, that she has had a small blade implanted in the toe. She keeps a belt on to hold her knife at her side. The knife is a little worn out, and very bloodstained. She doesn't have time to clean her things. When Kat is fused, she has Umbreon ears and a tail, these are the most noticeable features. She also forms fangs and sharp claws. Her claws fuse poison into her foes (In a Pokedex entry, Umbreon like, drips poison).

Personality: Kat does not trust easily. It takes a lot to make her falter loyalty though. She is cautious of others, and will respond with hostility if they come too close. Kat gets frightened easily, but will fight before fleeing. She was originally a shy girl, but thanks to Candlelight, she is more outgoing. She loves to talk to him, and he likes to talk to her. He has no choice of course, but he enjoys her. Kat could be considered mentally unstable. She has her crazy moments and frequently talks to Candlelight out loud. She has no problem with eating her foes, thanks to the Pokemon Spirit. Candlelight tells her to do these things. She complies, she has no reason to not trust the Dark Type.

History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events?): Kat grew up in the Underground. She ran away from her parents, who were planning to enslave her. She was raised by a small group of female criminals. They taught her how to steal food and how to kill adults after she gets her spirit. Rose (Oldest, Lucario) hoped she was a Fighting Type like her, Kyla (Middle, Leavenny) Hope she would grow to be motherly like her, and Scarlet (Youngest, Haunter) just wanted her to be like her. Evil and violent. Kat slept on the ground all of her life, as her "family" could not really steal beds from the adults without being noticed. Kat always had nightmares. Every night in the Underground. One day, she found a secluded room that had, strangely, a guard. In the middle of the night, she snuck past the guard. She, being 10, wanted to see what was inside. When she walked in, there was a black shape in the corner. She walked to it slowly, not making a sound, and grabbed what she presumed was its shoulder. Her hand went through it, but it turned to her. She could see tears of... what looked like blood. It started laughing but quickly noticed her fears and grabbed her shoulder with its paw. It asked her if he could join her. Kat nodded, and as soon as she did, it flew into her. She screamed, but only for a moment. The shadow said he was called Candlelight. "Hello Candlelight. A-Are you my spirit?" Kat was trembling with excitement when she asked. Kat jumped with joy when she could sense him nodding. They talked to each other everyday for hours. Then he started telling her to do "favors" for him. First was the leader. Kat snuck to her "mother's" spot on the ground, and... Killed her while fused. She then continued to the rest of her "family" until they were all gone. With bloodstained claws, she left the Underground and wandered around from then on.

Pokéspirit (No legendaries. Alternate color schemes are allowed.)
Species: Umbreon (Male, purple tinted black fur, red eyes, light yellow rings.)

Nickname (Optional): Candlelight

Personality: Candlelight is calm most of the time. He listens to Kat and usually answers truthfully. He is a Dark Type though. He is very evil inside. He tells Kat to do things... Unspeakable things. Being a omnivore, he craves meat along with the plants he tells Kat to steal. He asks of her to eat the enemies she defeats... For amusement. She always listens to him. He was a Pokemon for a man who taught him these things. He also taught Candlelight how to control minds. He cannot use this anymore of course, well, for all we know.

Moves: Moonlight, Bite, Giga Impact, Shadow Ball, Protect, Toxic

Opening Post (This will be what we use to determine whether your writing skills are good enough. If accepted, you may feel free to copy paste your post here into the IC thread.): Death equals food. This was how Kat thought. If she killed others, she could scavenge the food they had with them. Even stealing from a house, she never leaves a soul, other than sleeping children. This was how Candlelight taught her. "A-Are you sure it is safe?" Kat said nervously to herself. She just killed an adult male, but he had no food. (Yes Kat. Very safe. Just avoid the organs okay?) Kat nodded and brought out her knife. She cut both wrists and the neck. Kat then hung the body from a tree and waited for it to bleed out. Kat took a deep breath and fused. Her teeth sharpened and her nails grew to claws. With these, she cut down the body and ripped a small pice of him. When she smelled it, she couldn't help but gag. "But if smells so bad Candle! How can I eat it?" She could see him forming next to her in his shadow form. (Just ignore it sweetie. See?) He tore a piece of the neck off and gobbled it up. (All humans smell like this. Your males especially.) Canlelight laughed and dissipated. Kat shakily laughed and took a bite of the flesh. She had her eyes closed, but opened them quickly. "Wow! Candle, you were right! If I ignore it, then it doesn't taste so bad. I... I could hug you!" Candle growled in her mind. "I mean, I won't, but I could!" Kat laughed when she heard Candlelight snicker at her slurred way of saying that. (Okay, okay. I need you to help me with something okay?) Kat was eating more meat when she nodded. "Why of course! You have helped me survive many times before! Is it more killing?" Kat grabbed for her knife but Candlelight pet her shoulder. (No, no sweetheart. I wanted to see betrayal. I want you to betray a promise. Find more like us, befriend them. Let them trust you. Then backstabbing them. Could you do that?) Kat thought for a bit... "Well... Sure! Where are others?" Candlelight shrugged (Find them. In the meantime, entertain me please.) Kat smiled an evil grin and walked back onto the path that many people seem to take. She sits in the middle, waiting for her next victim. "I will find you children. You will not expect it. Candle? A-Are you talking through me?" Candlelight smirked (Why no! I am not that strong silly.) "Just you wait..." Then came another man. "Dinner has become fun again Candle." Kat grinned and grabbed her knife. (Goodnight Kat)
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