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"Otto" - Florence, Italy

"Not really," she frowned, cocking her head to the side again. She knew for a fact he wasn't a pyrokinetic; only one Atlantean has one power at one time, and she knew for a fact that that specific ability belonged to one of the head of the royal family houses. His power most likely didn't have to do with fire, but what made fire. Vibrating of atoms? Adjustment of oxygen? Creating gas? Sparks? Never the less, he had shown what he had done and it was now her turn.

She pulled her hands out, palms up, then clapped them together. When she pulled them apart, her fingertips had spewed a spider web and had connected together with the opposite fingertip on the opposite hand. The web was extremely sticky but if she willed it, she could pull it off with her hands with ease. She did not know the extensitivity of her ability, if it was limited to just web or it took on other forms of an arachnid. All she knew at the moment was that she could climb walls and shoot web.

"I know a man who lives in the Vatican, who would like to meet you," she looked at their faces briefly as they flashed signs of worry and added, "He's not going to kill you. Do you know much about your ancestry?"
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