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"Not really," she answered. At least it made her confused. Then she clapped her hands together; when she split them, she had some weird string in her hand. Webbing? Maybe she could climb walls or something, too, like Spider-Man. While she was playing with the string, she actually got to business.

"I know a man who lives in the Vatican, who would like to meet you." It annoyed Cira a little, knowing that some information about them was fairly accessible. "He's not going to kill you," she continued, as if that was any more reassuring. Meanwhile, Alex was wondering about the many possibilities besides getting killed, like getting injected with weird stuff. He didn't know what it would do or what it was, it was just stuff and it was bad. "Do you know much about your ancestry?" That got him back on track.

Alex looked at his son, then at Otto with his answer. "I know my grandmother was Swedish, and my granddad was German. Their families immigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900s."

"I think she means the Atlantean side, Dad."

"Oh, that? I'm stumped. Maybe she knows something? She's got us pointed out, right?" With that, both Gailes looked at the girl, one expecting a straight answer like everything else, and the other just looking while he thought of worse vague things that man in the Vatican could do to them.

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