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Adrian Santoro – Washington D.C., Virginia

The bustling streets of Washington D.C. were nothing compared to the vendor and beggar filled streets of Rio De Janiero. Jake wandered aimlessly through the crowds of people, writhing uncomfortably in his clothing; he hated being restricted like this, but they had told him he had to dress like that as to not bring unwanted attention to himself. Given little more than tickets and directions to Birmingham, England, when Adrian had first been recruited he had to make his own way around the globe until he reached his destination, only to find out that was the way they worked; each new recruit had to prove themselves. But now Jeremy was moving through the crowds aimlessly searching for a recruit they had asked him to fetch for them, one the Blind Prophet had been sure to push that she would be around here. Taking a quick glance at his watch, he confirmed the time; it was already a minute past and Adrian hadn’t seen hide nor hair from this girl.

Grabbing a coffee from a nearby shop, he took a seat on a bench outside, leaning his head back and looking up into the sky painted with clouds. A heavy sigh left his lips, not only had he failed, but it was also going to rain today. He looked down at his stomach and how it stretched against the fabric, or appeared to anyway, again moving around uncomfortably.

Adrian stopped suddenly when a girl came to sit down beside him, a girl with fat pants, a girl with long legs, a girl dressed to suit her Atlantean ability. His became uncomfortable, wanting to take the shirt off, but knew that would only create havoc, and a fine for indecent exposure. He hated looking fat when his body was actually quite muscular, and his capoeira training meant that he could easily defend himself in a fight if it ever came to that, but if anything were to happen to his face; his tousled chocolate brown hair and amazingly green eyes, he would be outraged.

“Olá,” he said, head stretched back, as he enjoyed the sun on his face, “you seem a little lost, could I help you?” Adrian knew that starting off with small talk would be much better than going into a full on rant; she probably would have thought he was crazy then. His listened to the thumping of his own heart, this was his first recruiting since he joined, so he was only a little bit nervous.
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