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    Hack: Pokémon Fire Red (US)
    Creator: Kebbles
    Download: Beta 1.0 containing 1 - 2 Gyms (Coming Soon)
    Up-Coming Events: None

    Game Introduction:

    Welcome to the Latrobe Region!
    Home to many mysteries and great legends.
    Can one child be the key to saving the past and the present?
    When the world is in its final moments..

    Where will you be?

    It is said in Latrobe mythology that there once lived three Pokemon who represented the three elements of Fire, Water and Electricity.
    They raged war against each other for many years destroying much of the Latrobe Region, untill one day a child rose from the shadows with Celebi the Pokemon of time.
    They battled hard atop Mt. Baw Baw but were not strong enough to defeat the trio, all hope was lost..
    Little did they know that the same Celebi of legend, still lives somewhere hidden in time..

    Region History:
    The Latrobe Region, located far South from Kanto & Johto..
    The region is suffering from slight climate shift more then other Regions, so the weather is usually hot or really rainy.
    Because of these weather changes certain Pokemons cell-structures have changed to adapt to the climate in the Region (A list of changes is below)
    The game is set in the same timeline as Fire Red and the game begins as the S.S Anne is being hi-jacked.


    In-Game Features:
    *New Scripts
    *New OW's
    *New Tiles
    *New Textboxs
    *Very Explorable Maps
    *New TM List
    *All Gen Pokemon
    *Tough Gyms
    *More then One Rival
    *Travel to Kanto/Unova
    *Travel in Time
    *Pokemon League Tournament
    *Special Events
    *HG/SS Music
    *B/W Repel System

    Future Features:
    *Battle Backgrounds
    *Double Wild Battles
    *Better Title Screen

    Pokemon Differences/Evolutions:
    *Feebas evolves at level 22
    *Milotic is now Water/Dragon Type
    *Snorunt evolves into Glalie at level 28 if ATK is higher
    *Snorunt evolves into Froslass at level 28 if DEF is higher
    *Murkrow evolves at level 26

    Special Events:
    *None till Beta 1.0

    Want to Help?:
    If your intrested in helping out PM me what you can do and so on..
    This is what I'm looking for...

    *ASM Person
    *Sprite Maker
    *Region Map Inserter (Major)
    *Battle Background Inserter (Major)
    *Title Screen Maker

    Team Ice: (The team helping make this game)
    *Kebbles - Creator

    *Red Ex
    *Pinkish Purple
    *Will Update Rest Soon
    Pokémon Ice Version

    When the world is in its final moments..
    Where will you be?