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    Personally, the thing I have the most trouble with when it comes to Let's Plays is that I hate making multiple short videos, rather than a few longer videos. Typically my series are around 1-10 parts of 40 minutes to two hours. I partially do things this way because I don't want to come across as a view hog, as well as memory constraints - a 100 part LP of a Pokemon game seems pretty steep to me, because even a 15 minute video before compression is around 100-300 megabytes, which really adds up.

    Start group LPs, such as people playing on a Minecraft Server or playing an online game together. It's better when there's more people commentating!
    I actually wanted to do a group LP of RuneScape or something, but I don't know where to gather players. That's kind of a problem if you're not part of a "group" (such as the Creatures on YouTube)

    Originally Posted by Fastlane250
    I really think the [ROBLOX] admins are not satisfied with breaking the game, they intend to break reality itself.