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    Cira & Alex Gaile - Florence, Italy to Boston, England

    "The Royal Family are not who they say they are." She managed to stare at them for a while now... without blinking... creepy. "They have misled you, and their intentions are not sincere." The offer for a safe haven and a better understanding of their power was tempting, but what knowledge would this "Librarian" want, let alone from a teenager and his goofball dad. The girl was still speaking calmly, though she looked like she wanted to rush things. Understandable; they were heading away from the Vatican anyways. Alex was occupying himself once again with the metal bar soon enough.

    "Two more things," Cira wanted to know, "on the assumption that we actually believe you." They shouldn't be that hard to answer. "One, what kind of knowledge would this 'Librarian' find in us? I mean, we found out about all this in the past week, it's not like we could really know anything on this type of subject." Then an idea popped a video game in his head. Assassin's Creed had stuff like the Animus that could read memories from someone's ancestors, right? Hm.... Genetic memories, that's it. Heh. It kind of figures someone in the Vatican would be involved in a situation like that, but was that actually happening?

    "And two, if we go with you, what's the plan? Namely for getting off this train."

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