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Archie Stevens – Sheffield, England

So far Archie's day hadn't been too out of the ordinary, sure he was heading to register as a member of a completely different species to the on he had been brought up as but that paled in comparison to what was about to happen.

Behind him Archie heard some guys watch buzzing an alarm and was about to turn around to tell him to turn it off, he really wasn't in the mood today. Just then he felt a hand grab a hold of his shoulder, it was accompanied by a very unnerving sensation. It felt like he was being yanked backwards by his shoulder, he felt his feet leave the ground and lost all sense of balance, around him lights danced by, images that slowly formed but never quite became clear. Archie didn't know what was going on and frankly was too freaked out to even think straight enough to consider the possibilities but if he had been transportation would not have ranked high on his list of probable causes. In fact it would have come only slightly above abduction by aliens and that was only because he had found out that it was theoretically possible for some one to be capable of that two weeks ago. So he closed his eyes and waited for the ordeal to stop. It cut out the sights but the dreadful sound still surrounded him. So he just waited for it to end...

Location unknown

...And just as soon as it had started it stopped. Quite abruptly the noise stopped and he felt himself being propelled forwards by his shoulder. This was quickly replaced by another force applied to his body, this one was gravity pulling him back to the earth. He landed on one shoulder in a crumpled heap and swore. He started to massage his shoulder even before he began to open his eyes. Near by another person swore in pain and another was groaning in agony.

Looking around his new location appeared to be a warehouse of sorts. There were two guys there with him one was holding his nose and the other was cradling his arms on the floor, this was the same person Archie had heard groaning in pain.

"What the Hell is the bi--" The guy standing yelled at the other guy. But Archie wasn't paying attention. Three men approached, a man Archie would describe as a short east-end gangster, with two body guards flanking him. The lights came on dazzling Archie.

Hello Mr. Heiko, and Mr…” The middle man said, stopping to think, the name was a reasonable enough nickname for Archie for more than one reason but he didn't say it aloud. “…Mr. Stevens. Have a seat, both of you.” It was an order, Archie looked round to this Mr. Heiko, it was the guy who had been holding his nose, the other guy nodded, a gesture telling them to sit down. Who ever the other guy was he was he was in on this, the fact that they already knew his name washed over Archie without his notice. Archie took his seat, the atmosphere was tense and he felt the compulsion to crack a joke but this wasn't the right situation. Instead he pulled the guitar case he had almost forgotten about closer to his chair. "I represent the Syndicate, a group of people interested in, Archie and Jericho.” Archie assumed that Jericho was the guy sitting next to him. “Though I am not a part of them, I do dealings with them, such dealings as having to... babysit... you Atlanteans." The man took out a cigar and began to smoke, he was practically a walking cliché, all he needed now was to start talking in cockney rhyming slang, or quote Del Boy Trotter. "You will be paid, quite generously too for someone like you, and your days will be anything but the boring lives of the humans around you as you will discover your ability and learn to use it,"He emphasised the word someone, which Archie took offence at, did they know he was Atlantean. "teaming up with others here to do what myself or those higher up, wish of you. So what do you say... Atlantean?" He barely spat out the last word. So they did know and this guy wasn't all too keen on Atlanteans either.

"How about no," Jericho said beside Archie, he was twitching slightly, it lead Archie to a hypothesis about what had happened.

So you drug and then kidnap us and expect us to accept your orders? Would you let us go if we said no?” Archie said, it wasn't the safest course of action to take but then he wasn't the kind of person who would be cautious under the circumstances.
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