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    What is your name? Do you have any nicknames? Is this an alias?
    Avery Flynn. Actually, that kinda is my nickname. My first name is Prentice, but I don't really tell people that if I can help it. Well, can you blame me?

    How old are you? You must be 16 or older to join this tournament.
    No worries, I'm 18. All is well.

    What gender are you? This is, after all, written through a submission form and, as such, we cannot see from our desk.
    Unless I am sorely mistaken, I'm pretty certain I'm a guy. I'll let you know if this changes.

    Describe your appearance for us, please. Be very descriptive, perhaps about eight sentences or more.
    Right, where to start? From the top? Well, with a surname like 'Flynn' I'm sure you're not surprised to find out that I have red hair. It's sort of a copper colour, slightly curly and reaches to the middle of my ears, I guess. It grows ridiculously fast, so it's almost always in my eyes. My eyes are apparently sea-green (whatever that means), and are pretty big. That, combined with my complete inability to grow facial hair, means that I look at least 18 months younger than I really am. The only thing that stops me getting I.D'd everywhere I go is my height; I've always been lanky, but at 6'3'' I'm hoping that there's not much growth left in me. I'm skinny, can't build muscle to save my life, and my hands and feet seem abnormally large compared to the rest of me. Well, that's how it looks to me anyway. I'm not necessarily pale nor tanned, and I have something of an awkward stance... Does that even make sense?

    I don't know what to tell you about my dress-sense, because I never really had one. I have a favourite pair of dark denim jeans, and I usually wear plain t-shirts of dull colours. I then tend to wear a thin checked shirt over the top, more often than not. I wear red basketball shoes and I pretty much always carry a backpack. I've no tattoos or anything, I'm not really that interesting. OH YEAH, and I have braces, so my lips are sometimes chapped. And I used to wear glasses, but they are a pain to keep safe so I've learnt to get by without them.

    How do you behave; what is your personality like? Do not be afraid to go into detail, perhaps write at least ten sentences.
    Here we go, eh? I like to think I can be funny, but that's probably not true. I'm kind of sarcastic and have a very, er, 'realist' sense of humour, if you get me. If I stop and think about it, I think that my humour is sometimes the only way I can talk to people out of my comfort zone. I'm not completely socially retarded, but yeah... I'm more than a little bit awkward. I'm not the first to start a conversation, but when I talk I can forget to stop. If you get to know me you probably won't hate me, because I can grow on you. I've had a few close friends, but I'm never anyone's best mate. I've been told that it's because I've got 'low self-esteem', but I think it's more to do with the fact that I'm a little bit of a perfectionist and I have a tendency to go full-nerd on people I don't know. I do try to be accepted though, but not in a "jumping on the band-wagon" kind of way.
    I don't take things too seriously, but I am a good person to have in an emergency. I can be cool in the face of fire, because I try to look at everything as logically as I can. I'm pretty determined and I don't like to displease anyone. This means I will face fire to defend people I don't like, which often means I get walked all over, unfortunately. I may be no good at reading people, but I am pretty intelligent. I'm not bragging or anything, I just am really. I love science, and I am terrible at art and sport. I get obsessed a little too easily with things, and I love to know how things happen. To the point where I annoy everyone by asking incessant questions.

    That's about it really.

    What about your history? What regions have you journeyed to and who are the people you’ve met? It is alright if you may skim through some unnecessary coverage or parts that you do not feel like discussing, but we urge you to not be afraid to state anything. This must be at least twenty sentences.

    My family have always lived in Mahogony Town, Johto. The majority of Pokemon Trainers in our family have grown up to train with and aid Pryce in the gym, who is some sort of distant relative of ours. Or so I've been told - he's never indicated anything that would suggest that. The general trend is that Flynn boys start training from a young age, after catching their first pokemon in Ice Cave. Those who aren't cut out to train with Pryce become fishermen or hikers, but all of us begin at the Ice Cave.
    I guess that's where things changed for me. I was never as athletic as my brothers, and as the 4th son I had a lot to live up to. My dad and I never really saw eye-to-eye, but I didn't let it bother me much. However, when I announced that I didn't want an Ice pokemon, he seemed to wipe his hands of me. My mother found me a Charmander, but only her and my younger sister really cared for what I did from this point on. My mother disapproved of my dad's lack of support, and this eventually led to their divorce. My mother and sister moved to Violet City, and I began my travels.

    I began at Ecruteak and focused my energy on the Legendary Dogs of Johto. During my research I battled gym leaders across the region, ensuring that I would become strong enough when I came to face my life's work. After all those years, I spotted the dogs a number of times but could never get close enough to conduct valuable data. Instead I chose to pursue my other goal, and so I travelled across the Tojo Falls to Kanto to become a Pokemon Master. I became one of the strongest trainers in the two regions, and at 15 years of age I replaced Giovanni as Gym Leader at Viridian City. However, it was tedious work. I soon grew tired of my stationary post in the Gym, and when a young trainer named Blue challenged me, I exchanged my Leader status for a meeting with his Grandfather. Professor Oak became a close acquaintance of mine. He and I shared research, and I learnt most of what I know today under his teaching. After a short while, Oak questioned why a young boy would interrupt his travels to spend his life in a lab, and so he refused to teach me further. Oak told me to travel to the peak of Mt. Silver and battle Red, the last Champion of Kanto. He promised a job would await me when I return victorious.
    I travelled to the top of Mt. Silver after months of training, and I was certain that I was ready. As I reached the summit, Red and I began battle. It was over much faster than I had anticipated, and I left defeated. Rather than return to Oak unsuccessful, I swore to travel, to improve and to better myself as a Pokemon Trainer.

    Throughout my travels I've met a fair few fellow trainers (hell of a tongue-twister there), but sooner or later we ended up going our separate ways. I still keep in contact with most, but opportunities to communicate tend to be few and far between.

    What Pokémon do you have, both in the PC and the ones that you will be carrying with you? You will be free to switch Pokémon at anytime. Please remember that your highest level Pokémon should be level 55.

    Right. My usual team stands as this:
    Charizard, known as Aidan; Luxray, known as Nox; Nidoking, known as Regis; Alakazam, known as Enoch; Dragonair, known as Ada; and Feraligatr, known as Calder.

    These are all around Lvl. 50, and I don't tend to switch them often. My boxed Pokemon are as follows:

    Marowak; Growlithe; Crobat; Snorlax; Poliwrath; Walrein; Houndoom; Ampharos; Quilava; Starmie; Roserade; Espeon; Metagross; Scyther; Absol; Manetric; Natu; Misdreavus; Delibird; Hitmonchan.

    Is there anything else that you want us to know? Any miscellaneous items about yourself may go here.

    I'm not easily bothered by temperature; I may not like Ice Pokemon much, but growing up in Mahogany certainly meant I got used to the cold. It's like I have the ability Thick Fat, I guess. Also, I'm far more comfortable around Pokemon than I am around people, but a lot of trainers can be like that I guess.
    I think that's all...
    // " "

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