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    Archie Stevens – Location Unknown

    Archie hadn't even finished talking when Jeremy started to laugh, he had presumably said something that Jeremy had found funny but it was a joke he wasn't in on. He gave the guy a frown. Jeremy stopped laughing quite suddenly, which Archie suspected had something to do with 'Mr. Trotter' over there.

    “When I was like you guys, I was apprehensive about my joining too; I could barely teleport a meter ahead of myself. But by joining these guys, I’ve achieved much more than I would have if I was still in the mass of humanity. I’ve learnt to control my abilities; I’ve been all over the world!” Jeremy said, well the mention of teleportation explained Archie’s experience.

    I was bored at school, the work was easy, I acted out, and I was the class clown. Here, I can safely say I have never been bored; I am finally doing something useful for once. Us three are all Atlanteans, there are so many more of us in the Syndicate; it’s like one big family. Why be out there with people who secretly want to supress your abilities and deny your heritage, treat you less than human? Become part of something big and join us!” From what Jeremy had just said he was quite similar to Archie in many ways.

    “What do you say guys? Is my verdict enough to change your decision?”

    Jeri, who Archie had forgotten was even there gave a long speech, with a lot a gestures, most of which Archie ignored. After he ultimately answered “No.” Archie got his turn to speak.

    Teleport me and ask me to join, hey why not just miss out the middle man and use mind control on me? Then you wouldn't even need to ask. Surely that isn't beyond your capacities.” Archie said to Jeremy. “And you.” He said pointing a finger at the bald guy. “Still haven't answered my question. I have a few more for you too but I'll save them for the moment.” He turned back to Jeremy, rising form his chair.

    The way you speak,” He began to walk towards Jeremy, looking him straight in the eyes, “it's like you've been at this longer than just a few days,” He was looking for any hint that would confirm his theory that there were people who knew what was going on before all this began and that Jeremy was one of them, he kept walking right into Jeremie's person space.

    Just how long have you had your ability?” Archie asked trying to sound as interested as possible, he didn't actually care what the answer was, there was probably a lot a stuff that was hidden from the public. By the government or whoever else had the money or power to do so. Really he was just a bit peeved at being teleported here and wanted to get his own back a Jeremy, in a friendly way. He turned his head to one side and walked off with out even waiting for an answer, sitting back down on his seat.

    Yes, I accept your offer.” He said to Jeremy.
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