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Leon Nef- Syndicate HQ, Birmingham, England

Leon watched as the woman named October continued to smile, even after he attempted to insult her. Leon cocked an eyebrow. He was able to ascertain that she wasn't overly sensitive, or took to much to what he said. At least, that is what he assumed in the beginning. His thoughts on that changed. He was grabbed at the wrist, and let out towards the room. Leon said nothing in the beginning, and let the arm guide him towards the exit. The situation seemed a bit awkward, or at least suspicious, but not really anything could have led Leon to suspect what would happen next.

Leon suddenly felt his arm begin to vibrate, and an apparent shockwave traveled up his arm and straight to his head. He clutched his head, as if he was experiencing a massive headache, and it only seemed to grow. He felt his skull begin to feel like it was shattering, or perhaps what he felt was his brain melting. Whatever the origin of the immense pain was, it was enough to bring Leon to his knees.

"Merda!" Leon shouted loudly, but over the buzzing and shaking resonating from the inside of his head, the shout seemed more like a whisper. Leon thought for a moment about somehow countering the ability, but he was drained of any lightning in his system, and the Corona couldn't be used at the moment because Leon couldn't seem to remove his hands from his head. She said something to him with a smile, but Leon could immediately hear it over the ability. After a while longer of the insufferable pain, it was suddenly stopped.

"Anything you want, Josh." He heard, as October released his wrist. "Urgh..." Leon began, trying to say something, but still recovering from the pain that was only just recently coming from his head. He knew he was going to have a headache after this. October meanwhile stood up and headed for the door, calling after Leon, as if nothing really happened. She smiled at him. Leon only stared from the floor, not really a stare of anger but more of contemplation.

It seemed that there was a pecking order around here. Certain people were held in higher regard and ought not to be messed with. There were those who dished out the orders and those who followed. Leon briefly accepted that when he joined the Syndicate, but he had a problem following orders. Where the Syndicate expected him to be, and where he thought he should be were two very different places. Sure, he could fall in line, start taking the orders silently, with no back talk, and he could avoid obvious repercussions of pain, like the Directive's earlier, or October's now. But then there would be a figurative, and perhaps literal place where Leon would remain in the Syndicate. He couldn't have that. He shouldn't have that. He had begun testing the limits of his powers and he knew in his mind he was meant for more. He knew he wasn't just another footsoldier.

Leon walked over to the elevator next to October, looking at the buttons light up as the machine approached. A smile crept onto his face.

So perhaps for now he will embrace his current position, albeit not quietly. But he's going to keep true to himself, keep pissing people off, and keep rising, until perhaps one day, they won't say that Leon Nef joined the Syndicate, but that the Syndicate joined Leon Nef.

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