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Originally Posted by Cello View Post
So, have we made an official decision on what realm PC members should meet?
I'm about to unfreeze my WoW account and make me a Blood Elf Ret Pally more than likely, and I don't want to start it only to find out everyone's on another realm, hahaha.
If you're currently unsubscribed, hold off on re-subscribing! The new scroll of resurrection is worth it for both of us. You'll get 7 free days, a free upgrade to Cataclysm if you don't have it, a free boost to level 80 on one character, and a free server and/or faction transfer if you wanted to move to my realm (unnecessary unless we're meeting on Dragonmaw but still free none the less) and I get a mount.

If you're interested, PM me your address or one of your character's names and realm and we'll get it started whenever we decide on what we're doing!
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