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Originally Posted by Pokestick, good times. View Post
Pretty good final episode. They pushed out the fighting for some heart-warming finishing touches. I'm actually content with this being the final ep, even if the manga continues, it's a good standard shounen ending.
I thought the opposite :[ I found the ending really... blah.

Possible spoilers I guess:

For an Arc-finale it's good, by all means, but if this is the actual final-final episode and they don't make a movie or another series in a few years, I think it was a total let down.

Nothing really got resolved... they accepted Ichigo as a substitute soul reaper - which he was for most of Bleach anyway, so what's new?

I feel like a true finale should have some kind of monumental change, i.e. He is promoted and welcomed into soul society as a Captain, or the opposite and he is left to leave a normal life. There should also be a flash-forward a few years to see how happy the characters are or whatever Cliché but final.

I'm hoping the ending was left so open because they do intend on finishing sometime in the future. Other anime have got extension seasons beforehand so it wouldn't be surprising, and it might up the quality of the final arc if time is taken on that rather than filler episodes for however long.