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    Those Jungle, Fossil, Rocket, and Base 2 holo's are going to be worth about $2-3 a piece, assuming they are absolutely mint. 1st edition is not worth mentioning if they are not holo. The 1st edition machamp is worth less than the other base set holo's because it came in a starter deck, not in booster packs. It's maybe $2-3. The gyarados is about $4, alakazam $6, nidoking $5, zapdos $5. The trainers are <$1, those black star promos are between $1-3, and I don't know about the Japanese trainer, you'll have to describe it in more detail.

    Gengar prime is super cheap right now, consistently selling at only $5 on ebay. I'd hold onto it in case the value goes back up, it can't really get much worse than it is now.
    Mew prime is doing better at around $10-15.