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    Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    It's really weird but I really really really think this is true which is getting me preemptively excited, and also scared since if that's true it means a new forum, lol. :x BUT IRRELEVANT TO THE EXCITEMENT. A true real sequel? I REALLY hope that's what's revealed, if so I'll be amazed and excited. I kinda got way too excited and started believing it which I really shouldn't since I should remain skeptical but I mainly read the start of "new region" and the new Pokemon. If that's true, that's seriously... just wow. Only reason I'm believing this is because of the starter evolutions leaking and other things which were rumours but turned out to be true. Please please please please be real. I want new Pokemon/new everything so bad.
    We'll petition to have you mod B2/W2 :K

    Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
    Even if they end up being just rumors they're still pretty creative ideas and I wouldn't mind seeing them end up in the games, especially an evolution to Swoobat. I want to believe it's true, but I'm gonna wait until something official pops up.
    Yes! The Swoobat evo got me pretty exited and it explains it's terrible stats.

    Also, a new storyline linking to Unova makes up for BW's relative short and incomplete storyline, though it was a great game.

    However, I don't want all this new stuff because the BW characters only got a little time to shine, Elesa etc. But I guess we'll be able to battle them in B2/W2
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