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    Title of Story: The Legend and the Apprentice
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Plot summary: Things grow personal for this Pokémon Trainer when his Venusaur got badly injured by a Typhlosion.
    Genre: Journey fic
    Rating (PG, R, etc): T
    Type of mentor needed: Language, Description
    Writing sample of story:
    The second half was about to start. 14-year old Andrew Masterson tugged one last time on the edge of his right hand glove. The catacomb was empty and the grey silver walls were as bare as they were clean as they shone like mirrors. At the end of the catacomb was a bright light and the sound of thousands of people cheering. This is it. He graced with his fingertips over the Poké Balls attached to his belt. He touched the latter three a second longer. It’s your turn now, Andrew thought to them. Andrew wasn’t a telepathic, but he knew what his Pokémon were aware of his expectations and they rarely let him down when it came to his expectations. Sure, he lost countless battles as much as he won. One year and a half he spent time with his Pokémon and now in the Best 16 round with three of his six Pokémon remaining, the tension was harder then ever. He already beat three opponents, one of which his fierce rival Bart in the Best 32. He admired how they both changed in a good way since they started their journey, both with a Bulbasaur.
    Other: It's a rewrite of an old story of mine (Legend in Making on serebii)