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Originally Posted by Father Time View Post
While I do believe those are valid points, yes. He also claimed the hack was finished, and that if we wanted the semi-final version done, we could PM him. He didn't lie to us there, he has had the semi-final version for a while, now another thing was, he asked us to PM him. He seemed really quite sure, and an April Fools joke my friend, is only acceptable on April Fools. Saying "If you PM me I can give you the semi-final version, or wait until Wednesday" seems a bit... sure. Maybe I am a sucker, but he even disappeared and couldn't even log on the day after to tell us? I don't know I just find this story... a bit out there.

Edit: Also, it only takes several small minutes of your day to upload something, he could have uploaded it and then posted he had found the near-finished version. Another thing I wonder.
If he sounded unsure, no-one would believe the april fools joke. People have lives, you know, sometimes you can't log on just to say "april fools!" if you're busy or something else unexpected has happened. He has no obligation to give us the hack, he could have just disappeared and not told us anything at all.
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