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Originally Posted by Cid View Post
I'm accepted yay. :D

@Lightning: I can imagine how KH3D might feel like a spin-off after all the experimental systems the fandom has gone through since KHII, which is ironic, given that Sora and Riku star in it (but Chain of Memories was sort of a spin-off). Great to hear that the battle system has improved. Although one of the main selling points of the game, in my opinion, is how huge the worlds are, leading to platforming and exploration that I've missed for so long (returned largely in Re:Coded but yeah).
Yeah, if there's anyone in the fandom who has never really minded spinoffs, it's me. @[email protected] Chain of Memories was my favourite KH game before BBS came along, I was more excited for Days than anything because I really liked the Organization, and BBS is... well, my favourite game of all time now. XD; Re:Coded even gets a little bit of a pass from me because it's not THAT bad a game when I remember it was originally entirely a cell phone game. I just thought it was horribly implemented and the fact that I'd seen grainy footage of the only important part (the end) long before the remake was even announced made it not worth it for me. :P But 3D... well, it feels fine and it looks even better than BBS did so graphically. It's just got a lot of the disjointed world feel that BBS suffered from because they split up the protagonists. So you have to skip around through characters to get the whole story and since they literally pull you out of one character and throw you into another at (somewhat) random, it's hard to consider it on the same level as KH1 or 2.
From that however, I'm not sure if they went a bit overboard with the huge worlds. I'm not liking the thought of having to pace through vast horizontal ground and battling Dream Eaters every step. And that Drop system sounds as if it's better gone than having it interrupt important battles or your own drive to see how a particular plot point is solved in a character's perspective. I hope they have a more complete Theater Mode when you finish the game, just the thought of missing cutscenes in something like that makes no sense.
The worlds aren't necessarily large horizontally--actually what makes the game both great and easy to get lost in is how expansive the worlds are in, no pun or anything intended, a three-dimensional way. Because of the Free Flow Action system, you can pretty much infinitely wall jump if you're good at it (and it's not hard). So they have a lot of ledges and rooftops and areas that you can't access without FFA and it's really easy to miss a lot of them. But it's nice because you can do all of this from the moment you're dropped (pun intended!) into the action. So once you're in an area, you can get ANYWHERE in it by climbing up the walls, sliding over pipes to new buildings, etc. When my end-game stats came up, I'd already capped my wall jump FFA as my most-used technique at 999 uses, haha.

The drop system was very silly by the end of the game. XD; I was playing as Riku and was nearly out of time, so I went ahead and dropped into Sora. I played as him for a while and when I ran out of time, it switched me back to Riku. I took THREE STEPS and because I wasn't supposed to move on with him yet (Sora had to catch up), it plot-dropped me back into Sora. Like... why even bother with the drop gauge at that point? ;_;

[KH3D spoiler]
However, I am not particularly happy with Lea getting a Keyblade. It makes sense if they're going into another Keyblade War for KHIII, but it doesn't when you revive someone seemingly dead then give him a Keyblade on the same game, just because the fans loved him that much. Besides, I like him better with chakrams. I really hope things turn out better for Lea, since he is in for a lot of strong emotions from the fandom by getting a Keyblade. Just like Kairi from KHII. And speaking of Kairi, has anyone seen the Secret Ending yet?
Finished the game last night, despite a lot of glitches during the boss fights. I'm glad I didn't click the original spoiler before that. XD;

Spoilers for 3D Ending
I've had a lot of time to come to terms with Lea getting a keyblade because in one of the earlier trailers, they pretty much outright implied it. (Same with halfway through the game--they take the audio out when Lea comes right out and says he wants to train with one, but it's pretty obvious why he's standing in Yen Sid's office.) I think the only surprise from Yen Sid, at least, was that Lea could all of a sudden summon the keyblade since it sounded like he hadn't been able to manage it yet. (And of course he summons a cool one instead of the basic Kingdom Key that is all Sora/Roxas/Xion could ever naturally manage. XD)

Honestly, the more I think about it, the more it kind of makes sense that they're giving away keyblades like prizes on an Oprah show. ("Look under your seats everyone... you're all taking home a BRAND NEW KEYBLAAAAADE!!!") After the events of BBS, as far as everyone knew, there were only two keyblade wielders alive in the world--Mickey and Yen Sid. TAV were missing, Master Eraqus was gone, Master Xehanort was missing, and even Mickey was only an apprentice at that point. I'm pretty sure the Xehanort Reports (or something) in BBS implied that even during the events of BBS, there was an abnormally low number of keyblade users still around. With Sora being able to bring so many people closer together, they probably see him as sort of a gateway to getting more keyblade wielders that will work toward the light. So I think we'll probably end up seeing a few more users pop up around Sora before the story is through. That way, if anything does happen to one, two, or a group of them, the weapon's lineage doesn't totally die out.

I'm still a little lost on some plot points in the game. x_X My "dream" vocabulary in Japanese is apparently HORRIBLE and oftentimes all I had was my phone to decipher some kanji so I didn't even bother. I want to go back to some of the more important scenes that I didn't totally understand and translate them properly so I know wtf is going on... but I'm still probably going to be relying on the Ultimania release in a few weeks for the interviews that usually explain everything anyway. (My "hearts" vocab is still top-knotch though: in one of the ending scenes, they stopped talking about dreams entirely and started talking about hearts like they usually do in this series and I didn't have to pause to look something up even once. XD)