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Name: AlexOzzyCake
Your Gym Leader: HOMIKA! <3] Koga for now, until a certain new Poison leader is out ;]
2 Partner Pokemon: Koga's Muk & my partner Foongus <3
Why have you joined to be trained: I adore gym leaders! My favourite is actually Cilan because he is amazing (I love you Cilan...), but I went with Koga because he uses my favourite type which is also the type I'd specialize in as a gym leader. :3 Also his Muk is the whole cause of my love of the Poison type; it all stemmed from that one Pokemon. It was amazing to see him promoted to the Elite Four and I was so glad to see Poison types get their spotlight! <3 Also I want my Foongus to be raised to gym standard! <3

What do you think of the new Gym Leaders for Black and White 2: Homika and Shizui?
I absolutely LOVE Homika. Poison types are making a comeback! <3 Her name, style, Pokemon choice (based on speculation), type choice, appearance and just everything released on her so far looks utterly wonderful. I simply cannot wait to challenge her! Shizui I honestly know next-to-nothing about, but I'm sure he'll be cool - Water type gym leaders normally have a certain quirk about them which makes them a pleasure to fight against. :3