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    Originally Posted by Xulek View Post

    Lol indeed. Lt. Surge is simply great in both the anime and the games along with the manga adaptation as well imo, and Pikachu vs Raichu was amazing hands down haha. That episode's gotta be my personal favorite nowadays without a doubt.
    Yes, even within the original Pokemon theme song they have that Raichu trying to body slam Pikachu and missing. I think that's another reason for that episode's popularity. Here are a couple pictures I found! Honestly I think Raichu is growing back to me. He was my favorite Pokemon back in Generation 1 and 2. Before I met Latias. Lt. Surge's Raichu's badass personality was the reason for the favoritism.

    Originally Posted by Meganium90 View Post
    Lt. Surge was just amazing in the anime. So TOUGH. I love his Raichu. I feel like watching that episode again.

    I was going to get Leavanny, but it's a primary bug-type, so I didn't want to go borderline. I'm being traditional here, so I'd rather use Erika's Pokemon rather than choose any grass-type. Meganium would be another choice
    Same here. I used to have this episode on VHS, I think I watched this episode the most out of every other Pokemon episodes. It was just that amazing! But alrighty. Tradition is a good thing. We have to stay loyalty to our gym leaders after all.