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    Originally Posted by PokeFreak201306 View Post
    Name: PokeFreak201306
    Partner Pokemon: Mewtwo

    WELCOME! You'll be added shortly!

    What does everyone think about Black Kyurem and White Kyurem? Any disagreement about it? Exciting for the new fusion with the 3 Dragon Trio of Unova?

    Personally I really dislike the typing. They should had made it differently from Dragon/Ice. Fire/Ice or Electric/Ice? Well We have an Electric/Ice thanks to one of Rotom's form, but would it be better off having Reshiram or Zekrom's typing instead?

    They have mentioned Black/White Kyurem both having their own signature attacks, I remember one being 'Ice Burn' and 'Freeze Shock'. I have a gut feeling they are both Ice type attacks. Or better yet, they should be sort of like Tri-Attack, meaning 'Ice Burn' varies on burn or freezing the opponent, while Black Kyurem's Freeze Shock special move is paralyzing and freezing? What an amazing attack that would be.

    How will they cause the fusion? Will they require to hold an item? I probably think they will have to, or better yet go to a location (Like Moss Rock to evolve Leafeon, etc) to have them fused. This is quite interesting. xD