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    Two of the most unique and toughest typing to ever lived. Steel & Psychic combination of typing.

    Metagross. It's got very high Physical Attack who can pack quite a punch. Let alone own a signature move of Meteor Mash, which makes him a unique Pokemon of its own class. Metagross is better off as the genderless machine who can fight and punch its way into victory. Pursuit could prevent those who try to escape its wrath, along with Earthquake with such power and Bullet Punch to earn its place in going first before the opponent. It can also use Trick to change the outcome of battle. Explosion before it falls in the hands of the opponent. Metagross is no Pokemon to overlook, and must be taken seriously. 135 Physical Strength with 130 Physical Defense is mighty high. It is a bulky one, but lacks Speed over others.


    Bronzong is the 2nd ever typing after Metagross with these unique typing. Except its one that isn't all for attacking directly, it's more of a wall and staller. As Metagross' Speed is at 70, Bronzong's 33 Speed may turn it at a disadvantage to Metagross. However, just like Forretress and Ferrothorn, you can definitely treat Bronzong just like them. "A survival to the fittest" game. One of the game's most threatened moves, Stealth Rock, can be taught, along with Toxic. A rare condition to teaching a Steel Pokemon a Poison type move, since Poison types has no effect on Steel type whatsoever. Gyro Ball, due to a extremely amount lack of speed, is Bronzong's best move and dangerous one at that! But Physical and Special Defense are at 116, a definite tanker. With Light Screen and Reflect by its side, it will make it an even tougher Pokemon to faint. With an average 89 Physical Attack, a must needed attack or toward an Electric type can easily be taken out, if taught Earthquake. Just like Metagross, Explosion can be taught to end things in a peaceful way Like is it really that peaceful? LOL There are many ways you can have Bronzong set up, as it can learn Trick Room, Imprison and Protect. Bronzong is also a force to be reckon with no matter what it learns.

    All in all, I have to say they are equally in fear in terms of competition, and as I like Metagross' design a bit more and its style of fighting, I will have to say Bronzong may cause the most damage and frustration and annoyance to its opponent. As Earthquake is a very common, powerful move, Bronzong's Levitation disables that chance and those trainers who chooses Fire Blast over Flamethrower, will have an slight chance of missing. So Bronzong wins, but it is a close battle and again, don't overlook Metagross because of its loss here. It all depends on the assistance of other Pokemon and so forth for the victory.