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Let me join this fun! ;D


Side: Gold Tribe, yo

Name: Ragnaros Phylax

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Title: "Bloodthirster"

Pokemon Species: Salamence

Ragnaros resembles a Salamence in appearance; only he is bulkier, and the scales on his ears are sharper than a normal Salamence's. His arms are darker than normal; the blood stains left on them changed their colour.

Ragnaros is a very proud dragon. His selfish, impatient side has been compressed though, due to all those years he spent being a Gold Tribe member; even if he truly is selfish, he doesn't show it anymore. Being a dragon, he is bound to care a little too much for his battling and dueling skills, always looking for a strong opponent to test himself; however, he has a strong sense of honor and dignity, and an unshakable will that allows him to turn the tables in any battle.
Despite his kindness and respect towards his allies, a dragon is born to be vicious. In fact, he is so vicious he becomes an unstoppable juggernaut in battle, a rather cunning fighter. Most believe that he blindly charges into battle to quench his thirst for battle, blood and carnage, but they are terribly wrong; he combines his bloodlust with offensive, pretty straight-forward tactics with only one purpose: to utterly destroy his target.

Ragnaros never really had friends, only allies, although he is good company; he gets rather violent when angered and won't accept no for an answer.
He is a straight-forward, a realist and cynical Pokemon, talking about carnage, blood and death like they are everyday things; he is also very sarcastic, sometimes joking way too much, while his hurtful comments towards others make him seem like a meanie. But his swag is something different, and his ideals about destruction and battleship unshakable.

Originally born in a beach close to Gravel City, Ragnaros' parents separated, one departing for the depths of the sea, and the other disappearing in the night sky, driven by the first rays of light; these are the newly-born Bagon's first memories. How he survived alone in the woods was a miracle - his early life was mainly him trying to find food, usually bug Pokemon at first. That made him pretty tough for his age, and gave him the strength to travel to the north, reaching Korhal Mountains where he at last found the perfect enviroment for him, inside the caverns; it's there where he met a rather vicious Aerodactyl called "Phylax" who protected him from the other wild Pokemon and taught him about hunting and the mysteries of the mountains.
Phylax took the role of the male parent for the little Bagon - he was the one to name him. Aside from hunting, he also taught Ragnaros how to speak and draw on the rocky walls of the cave they were living in.

Years passed and Phylax watched the Bagon grow, his battle prowess developing rather fast - the Bagon had to deal with the tough opponents of Korhal Mountains, and the Aerodactyl was slowly backing off from the battles as he saw Ragnaros was doing fine. One day, Ragnaros evolved into a Shelgon after a tough battle; after that, he became quite a fearsome warrior and expressed his desire to keep fighting and become stronger, as well as his dream to fly, to his mentor Phylax. Phylax, after giving it some thought, started telling Ragnaros stories about the Gold Tribe, their ideals and motives: to protect the Alpha Alliance. He also told him how he prefered to "stay out of that crap", but Ragnaros' interest for glory and recognition had been caught; he was now idolizing the Gold Tribe as much as Phylax himself.

After a teary good-bye with his old mentor Phylax, the Shelgon set off for the journey to find the infamous Heroes Alliance School, since Phylax himself didn't know exactly where it was. Ragnaros was the perfect age for the school - and he was already battle-worthy when he joined. It's there where he developed his own battling style, and became a rather unique fighter with alot of nerve and cockyness. But, as a dragon that was raised in the wild, he had learned to cope with life alone, and he was taking too much pride into that, he in fact underestimated others for their need to have friends and had trouble respecting them or understanding the meaning of honor, since he only knew the basic needs of survival and keeping the territority that belonged to him (in Korhal Mountains). He was even punished for his defiance in some of the rules. But, as the years passed, Ragnaros was proved to be a fast learner and adopted the aspects of respect, dignity and discipline, seemingly for the rest of his life.
But the instructor of the Gold Tribe was mainly impressed by his battling style, characterizing it "Quite violent, but at the same time honorable and effective". So, the Shelgon passed onto the Gold Tribe at the age of 16 and uphold its ideals until now, also choosing the title of the "Bloodthirster" to accompany his destructive nature.

When the Silver Tribe attacked Gold City, though, Ragnaros, now a Salamence, fought the opponents of the Alpha Alliance with all of his might. He hadn't actually killed another Pokemon in years; letting the respect towards other beings the H.A.S. taught him, and he killed so many Pokemon that day his arms got stained with blood forever, justifying his title of the "Bloodthirster".
But, it was a lost fight, and when he saw Auron's vast armies invading the city, he realised he had no choise but to flee; and so, after a moment of consideration for a tactical retreat, he disappeared among the clouds with blood still dripping from his claws, swearing eternal vengeance towards the Silver Tribe.

After some time and consideration, he started travelling through the sky between Albia, hiding behind the clouds, watching the ground from above in search of his Gold Tribe allies; sometimes, he was even landing on the ground in front of Eden Forest, always thinking about going further, crossing it to Silver City.

Moveset: Dragon Claw, Dragon Rush, Thunder Fang, Hyper Beam, Hydro Pump, Flamethrower

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