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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
Also, what is a namby-pamby Aussie strike? I've never come across an Australian strike so I have no idea how they compare to the British ones
Neither have I. In truth, I only characterised your strikes as such out of a sense of intense pride and nationalism. (LOL JOKE. We have a certain David Cameron in charge at the moment. I need say no more.) But rest assured, in any kind of strike-off, I'd blind you with my startlingly developed ability to slouch around doing nothing. UNION JACKS ETC

Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post
What, other than my boss? No. (Who may I add started doing this a week after I started working for him)
Perhaps these two things are connected. Was he a pleasant, happy, outgoing family man with 2.5 kids, a mortgage and a hat before you began working for him? Did his smile slowly fade as Monday dragged into Tuesday? Did his carefully brushed hair become gradually more dishevelled as Tuesday became Wednesday? Did he mournfully weigh a packet of cigarettes in one hand as you left the shop on Thursday? And then, finally, arrive roaringly drunk with his own cloud of smoke on Friday morning? I see it all so clearly now.

i am kidding honest

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