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    In "Add Item", after you select an item its close, so if you pick the item 300, you go back to 1, this can be bad if you want to pick the items from 300-310 without "Fill Bag". This can be expand to others like "Add Pokémon".
    Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
    My mistake... In all fairness, the editor how it is, is fine, bar the few bugs it holds, looking at the way it is led out, it's fine in my opinion, personally sometimes having debug always on is sometimes annoying, especially when you are trying to test an HM, for obvious reasons, as debug can use HM's without actually owning them... I know somebody came up with a way to cancel this, but still annoying...
    Or also this skip HM requirement thing can only occur if the player hold control.

    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    I don't think that it can be useful apart of changing switches/variables.
    This phrase is about of "refresh map" but I put on wrong place.
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