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Well, no one answered my question, but I'm just going to assume it's OK, since they're both Johto games anyway.

► I caught a Mareep (named Popcorn) to do the early game until I could get a Jigglypuff. I thought Jigglypuff was first accessible below
Goldenrod, but that's only in Crystal. So I backtracked to Route 46 to catch one, since that's where they're first accessible in G/S. When I
got one, I named it BubbleGum.
► BubbleGum and Popcorn got joined by Milkshake the Miltank and Cake the Corsola later on. At this point, I stopped using Popcorn, since
Ampharos isn't pink and Flaaffy wouldn't be that useful in the game anymore. It did serve well as an HM Slave, though.
With Cake and Milkshake, my team was complete, and I got through both Johto and Kanto quite easily. I did have to use a lot of potions
and revives for the Pokémon League and Red though.

Maybe a bit lacking in details, but oh well...


BubbleGum the Wigglytuff, Lv 62 (♀)
Item: Leftovers
Body Slam, ThunderPunch, Sing, Fire Punch

Milkshake the Miltank, Lv 62 (♀)
Item: Pink Bow
Body Slam, Milk Drink, Earthquake, Shadow Ball

Cake the Corsola, Lv 62 (♂)
Item: None
Surf, AncientPower, Tackle, Recover

Popcorn the Flaaffy, Lv 27 (♀)
Item: None
ThunderShock, Rock Smash, Strenght, Flash
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