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Originally Posted by ~Genevieve~ View Post
My muse for characters is my personality and that of my friends and family.

As for names, I look up names with certain meanings or just use common names, or that I find interesting.

Also I'm wondering, has anyone ever thought of maybe an X-Men rp?
I've been toying with the idea of a Marvel Civil War RP for a while now, however my own RP, Atlantis Arising, has elements of it that were inspired by X-Men.

However it all depends on when in the X-Men timeline you set it and whether its in the same universe, or something parallel. It also depends on the knowledge of the RPers as well. It would take some work to pull off, but I would definitely be keen to join.

As for my muse, it all really depends on my mood and circumstances. However I like listening to music while I write, drawing inspiration from song lyrics and sounds. Skymin linked me to a site for baby names, which is where I usually get names for, however many of my characters tend to get their names depending on how they act and are rather than just a name. Somehow the name reflects the individual.

Also as a point of interest, how many people actually look at the Roleplay Library?

Usually I'm quite bad with updating it, but Deep Impact did an awesome job of finding finished RPs for people to read, some of them are quite interesting.

Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
If you play as a male, you have to pick Eevee, if you pick a female you play as Jigglypuff (who's pretty freakin' strong).
Guys, this is the ROLEPLAY Discussion thread. Discuss a Pokemon Conquest RP is fine, talking about the game however is off topic; let's keep the discussion on topic.