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Name: AlexOzzyCake
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Why are you joining?: I like Ghost types ofc. :3 They're not the most interesting Pokemon to look at, but they're a type I love to use in battle due to their unique resistances and abilities; plus Ghost type moves are perfect for playing tricks on your opponents with.

If you could create your own Ghost-Type Pokemon, what would you call it?
Ehh I'm really uncreative with this kind of stuff but I'd make it a ghost teddy bear and call it Ursless. I don't know why, it just sounds cute/ghost-like to me haha. It'd be Ghost + Normal and it'd be an alternative evolution to Teddiursa. You'd get it by using a Dusk stone on Teddiursa at Night whilst it has 1hp left and its moves would work mainly based on spiting and possession. :3