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Haha yeah...sorry, Red! Wasn't aware on which side you were on..but I'm a tech freak, so I like to use weapons and mechanics and stuff. :D

Anyways, got my SU up. Let me know if I'm missing a few things. I should get everything covered. :)


Name: Peyton Mills
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Pokemon Species: Leavanny
Newborn or Entrenched Mechanists: Newborn
Job Title: Medic

Appearance: Peyton is not an ordinary Leavanny. Her leaves around her body are darker green, darker than the original Leavannies. This was probably due to her mother, a Leavanny, was mated to a Shiny Flygon. She is taller than the average Leavanny, standing tall at around 3-feet-9, weighing on average of 45 pounds. As Peyton likes to make her own things, she always carries a leaf-sewn messenger bag, where she carries her pistol, a Shock Gun, as well as her medkit and her own-made potions. Her Shock Gun is her best friend, though she uses her moves for backup power.

Personality: As someone that grew up on her own, Peyton prefers to be alone. At times she isn't very comfortable being in a large group, and isn't very interactive with others. During her lifespan she had developed a few issues with Anxiety. At her current age today she has learned to cope with it. At first she'll hesitate to get to know someone for the first time, but later she'll tend to warm up...that is, if the person getting to know her does not show any signs of danger.

Alongside helping the sick and curing the ill, Peyton is always there to help anyone in need, whether feeling down or feeling unwell. She likes to be “Dr. Everything”. Psychologist? Nurse? Nanny? You name it. Throughout her time as a medic, she likes to protect and be the best protector she can be. She knows that one day she'll die with honor.

History: Peyton was born and raised alone in a lone forest. No word on what might have happened to her biological parents. She never knew her history. At an early age (therefore, as a Sewaddle), she started to sew her own clothing to protect herself from the bad weather, as well as enemies.

Speaking of enemies, her hatred towards the Knights of the Oran was developed when she had accidentally bumped into one. The accident became more of a nightmare, and the knights quickly took Peyton as an enemy, due to her constant weavings, especially her messenger bag. As a Sewaddle, she had nothing else to fight for except for using her attacks, Razor Leaf, and String Shot. The leaves she threw out blocked the knights for attacking her more, and ran away at the end. She fought with dignity, and it caused her to evolve into a Swadloon at an early age.

A few years later, after being mugged by the Knights, she noticed yet another attack by the same group. An innocent Pokemon, a Machop became in danger. Using the memory she had when she was mugged as a Sewaddle, she used Razor Leaf to block the knights, but it didn't help much due to an Electric-Type Pokemon being involved. She quickly learned the attack Struggle Bug to protect the Pokemon, and pushed away the Knights. Thankfully the Machop survived, although he got paralyzed by the electric-type Pokemon. He urged Peyton to create a Paralyze Heal using the materials he dropped. Peyton was forced to evolve into a Leavanny because of this, and finally with arms and hands, she was able to perfect her first medicine, and cure the paralysis. The Machop was impressed by her skills as a potion creator, and offered his services to teach Peyton the basics of potion making and healing the sick. During this time, she was completely trained as a medic.

After earning her trust from the Machop, he suddenly disappeared. He was his only interaction, and his only friend. Peyton is alone once again. She soon discovered the history of the Machop, and his affiliation of the Declarum Forces, also learning about the leader of the forces. Peyton soon became intrigued by the group, and started to train herself to become part of it. It took her several more years to train. Perfecting her potion making, and testing out her shock gun which was given by the Machop, and studied more on medicine. Looking back to what she did to save many innocent victims, including the Machop, as well as remembering her encounter with the Knights, she builds more confidence every day healing the sick and wounded, and defending herself till the very end.

Moveset: Cut, Leaf Storm, X-Scissor, Leaf Blade

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